Labuan International School

Labuan International School (LIS) is the first and only private and international school in Labuan, established in 1996.  They aim to provide guidance to children on the road to a lifetime of academic and aesthetics opportunities. With more than 20 years of excellent achievements, LIS continues to nurture children in their Mind, Body and Soul to help them developed into well-balanced individuals. In LIS, the children are always taught to strive for excellence and inculcated with the belief that nothing is impossible when the mind is willing.

LIS in meeting the desired standards, provides Primary and Secondary levels with both National and International curricula hence offering parents the choice of a very much sought after education for their children – an education that resonates 21st Century Learning for the world of global communication and opportunities.

Curriculum: British and Malaysian
Address: LM 11344, Mukim Tg Aru, Jalan Tg Aru, 87008 Labuan FT
Tel: +60 8759 7300
Email[email protected]

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