High Percentage of Tourist Visiting Pahang

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The New Straits Times reported that the percentage of tourist to Pahang has gone up 6%, due to Pahang’s’ rebranding and promotions for its hot spot locations.

According to State Tourism, Arts and Heritage committee chairman Datuk Shafik Fauzan Sharif, until September, the total number of people in Pahang was 7.72 million; 5.81 million are locals while the rest are foreigners.

The Chairman also said that the government is working hard on an on-going effort to introduce new locations and organising international events to further promote Pahang as a favoured tourism enclave.

Some of the famous events to take place in Pahang are; the Royal Billfish International Challenge, Bukit Fraser International Bird Identifying Competition, Tioman Mega Dive and Cherating Surfing Competition.

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