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A Snapshot of Johor's Culinary Excellence

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This post was written by Evelyn Ang loo



Even in food-obsessed Malaysia, the state of Johor is famed for its culinary excellence. Fending off fierce competition from neighbouring states, Johorean food boasts exotic flavours, a smorgasbord of spices and an astounding variety of dishes. From the strong flavours of the world.Famous Laksa and spicy Mee Bandung, to the more tangy Soto Ayam and Moghulinfluenced Nasi Briyani Gam, Johor’s uniquely delicious offerings have attracted food connoisseurs around the region for years. In this photo essay, Evelyn Ang Loo showcases the best of the best from the jewel state.



Source: Senses of Malaysia Jul-Aug 2013
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