Summary Of Expat Go Malaysia's Discuss: Places All Expats Should Visit in Malaysia

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Summary of Discussion: Places All Expat’s Should Visit in Malaysia

Below is a summary of the feedback gathered from the comments on the above Discuss topic.

  • Malacca is the place to go for if you are into heritage.
  • Langkawi is a good place to visit for the duty free shopping and the beach.
  • Best place to shop for cheap clothes, books and knick knacks is in KL.
  • Penang and Jalan Alor in KL is good for street food.
  • Perhentian is the best for snorkelling.

Here is a compilation of comments about specific places expats should visit in Malaysia.

Commenter Jill: Borneo is a heaven for nature lovers. Places to visit in Malacca include the river tour, water park and fruit farm.
Commenter Jarek: Penang island for the food and beach, Langkawi island for the duty free shopping and the beach, Kota Kinabalu in Sabah for the culture and the beach, Taman Negara for nature.
Commenter G: Times Square in KL for cheap clothes and books, BookXcess in Amcorp Mall for cheap books, Jalan Alor for amazing street food.  

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