10 Tips for a Day at the Beach

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Looking forward to hitting the beach for some fun under the sun? Before you head out, take a look at some of the tips below to make your day at the beach more comfortable.

1. Place Your Phone in a Transparent Bag


You don’t want to drown your brand new smartphone in seawater or scratch it with the coarse sand, do you? Find a transparent bag to place your phone in. You might still be able to access your touch screen phone through the transparent layer of the bag.

2. Use Baby Powder to Remove Sand

Baby powder

Apparently, baby powder is a useful product to get rid of sand on your body. It absorbs the moisture from your skin, making it easy for sand to come off when you brush it away.

3. Always Use Sun Block

Photo credit: Kiran Raja Bahadur SRK / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

You’ve head it a million times before but we will remind you again. Sunblock, is very, very, important. Use it. Do not skip this. Invest in a spray on sunblock if you can for a hassle free time. This video might just convince you: This is Why You Should Always Wear Sunscreen in Malaysia

4. Use a Balloon to Clear Your Ears


Blow into a deflated balloon to clear the water from your ears.

5. Use Lemon Juice for some Natural Highlights



Streaking your hair with some lemon juice before going under the sun can help lighten it a bit. Natural highlights! Be careful not to get any in your eye though.

6. Make Your Own Beach Bag

Beach bag

If you don’t have a big beach bag handy, don’t go out and buy one. Look for an old cushion cover at home, use some fabric to sew on handles and voila! A DIY beach bag which you don’t have to worry about when it gets dirty.

7. Bring Vinegar or Baking Soda in Case of a Jellyfish Sting


In case you get stung by a jellyfish, do not get someone to urinate on you. Use some sand and sea water to scrap off the tentacle from your leg (if any) and pour vinegar or apply a baking soda and sea water paste to deactivate the stingers. Read here for more tips.

8. Hold Down Your Beach Towel

Beach towel

Don’t you hate it when your beach towel starts flying about when it gets a little windy? We know it isn’t very comfortable to spread your legs and arms wide to hold down the four corners of your beach towel, so look at using some of the items you have with you to do the job. Your big bag, your cooler, corals (if you find any), water bottles, etc.

9. Spritz Some Water to Keep Cool


Bring along a spritz bottle filled with non-sea water and add in some ice cubes. Spritz some water on your skin when it gets too hot. A spritz of cold water on your heated skin will be refreshing.

10. Pregnant? Dig a Hole for Your Tummy

Digging sand


This may sounds a tad ridiculous, but you never know till you try it. We know it is difficult to lie on your front when you are pregnant. Dig a hole in the sand, one big enough to fit your tummy comfortably, lay a towel over it and settle down, with your tummy in the towel-covered hole. Let us know if you have tried this method.

Want to add to this list? Let us know your best beach tips in the comment section below.

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