Languages Day at BSKL

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Languages Day at BSKL

On 25th September, BSKL celebrated Languages Day. It was our take on European Day of Languages which is celebrated in Europe on the 26th September anually. Students and Staff made the day very special indeed. Each House was allocated one of four continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Students then had to choose an appropriate costume in keeping with their House as well as decorate their House noticeboard with relevant images. The school was covered in flags from all over the world, the costumes were very impressive, and the House Boards were imaginative and eye-catching.

The following students wowed us with their creative costume ideas: Utkarsh Nautiyal, Jyn-Mun Ng, Jessica Kua, Carolina Turcato, Vandita Swami, Hannah Dobson, Nick Kelly, Beau Smythe. A special mention should also be given to those students who came in during a public holiday to make the Norman Notice board so breathtaking: Jessica Sook-Ling Lew, Angela Maeng Bo Reum, Abbey Wong, Joda Kokovworho, Kiara Kokovworho

BSKL thanks everyone for their hard work, creativity, and involvement throughout the course of the day.

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Source: The Expat magazine November 2015

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