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Three HELP Business Students Awarded Scholarships by the University of Queensland

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This article is brought to you by HELP University (HELP).

The Faculty of Business, Accounting and Economics at HELP University (HELP) started on a high note in 2017 when three of their business graduates were awarded scholarships from the prestigious University of Queensland (UQ). The three scholarship holders, Chai Ming Yang (21), Amelia Kan (22) and Tan Yee Han (22) will be receiving scholarships to continue their final year of studies in UQ this year.

(From left to right) HELP Business students, Chai Ming Yang, Amelia Kan and Tan Yee Han

Chai Ming Yang

“I am very honoured and privileged to be able to receive this scholarship, and it would certainly lighten my family’s financial burden tremendously. I chose to further my studies at UQ because it is one of the top 50 universities in the world and one of the top five in Australia,” said Ming Yang, a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) student who will be completing his final year degree programme at UQ this year.

Ming Yang was the third of his siblings who chose to pursue their tertiary education in the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Economics at HELP. Upon completing his first two years at HELP, he continued to follow the footsteps of his older siblings who were also HELP business students who went to UQ to complete their studies.


When asked why he chose further his studies at HELP University after graduating with top marks in the SPM and UEC examinations, Ming Yang said: “After some research and survey, I discovered that HELP is one of the best private universities in Malaysia. My siblings had recommended me to join HELP and furthermore, I was also offered a full scholarship by the university. HELP has good, friendly and helpful lecturers who have provided me with high quality education and are always accessible to me when I need help. During my two years at HELP, I was able to study in a conducive environment and gain a lot of knowledge.”

Apart from his studies, Ming Yang had actively participated in extra-curricular activities such as the Community Outreach Society where he helped out in orphanages, old folks home, and disabled homes. He was also part of the HELP volleyball team where he had competed in various inter-varsity tournaments.

Tan Yee Han

Yee Han, a Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Hons) student will also be joining Ming Yang at UQ. One of the top achievers of her year, she was no stranger to high academic achievements and had been a recipient of multiple scholarships and book prizes such as the Merit Scholarship Award for two years and a book prize award for obtaining the highest score in Principles of Microeconomics. She also received a full scholarship to pursue her Foundation of Arts at HELP University after graduating with straight As in her SPM examination.

“It has been a wonderful experience studying at HELP as it granted me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and further my studies overseas. At HELP, I met a lot of great lecturers and made a lot of friends,” said Yee Han as she shared her experience of studying at HELP. She first chose to study her Foundation in Arts at HELP University based on the high recommendations of her seniors and friends, as well as the prestige and reputation of the programme. Upon completing the foundation programme, she continued her studies in finance in the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Economics at HELP University.

Amelia Kan

Amelia, an Accounting major, had also expressed great joy and gratitude in receiving the UQ scholarship. “HELP paved a way for endless and exciting opportunities for me throughout my two years of studies here. The programme is challenging but the university supplemented it with a wide range of resources, from which I have benefitted immensely from,” expressed Amelia. “At HELP, I have also been exposed to people from different countries and was involved in student exchange programmes where I was able to experience cultural diversity.”

A testament to quality education

The success of the three UQ scholarship holders are a testament to the high quality and standards of HELP’s Faculty of Business, Accounting and Economics. HELP continues its long tradition of producing outstanding students to top Australian universities such as UQ, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia, Macquarie University and many more.



In 2016, out of 74 business students who went to UQ, 15 were awarded scholarships. HELP University is the only university in the world to have a 2+1 articulation programme with UQ, a member of the Group of 8 Universities (Go8) in Australia, a coalition of leading universities in Australia.

HELP University is renowned for its business, accounting, and financial programmes. Its graduates are well received by various industries and are able to secure jobs in many multi-national companies within six months of graduation. The Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accounting at HELP is one of the largest business schools in the country, and its Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Honours) degree is recognised by many international professional accounting bodies.

This is a testimony to the educational quality provided by this faculty. Not all universities in this world will offer accounting degrees that receive maximum exemptions or accredited by ACCA, CPA Australia, and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Scholarships awarded at HELP

For STPM and UEC graduates who are interested to pursue a business or accounting or finance degree, HELP provides a 30% waiver on tuition fees for STPM graduates, and a 25% waiver on tuition fees for UEC graduates. There is also a 30% waiver on tuition fees for those interested to pursue a Hospitality Management, or Tourism Management degree.

HELP also provides various scholarships such as the School Achiever Scholarship Awards (SASA) to outstanding students who have displayed excellent leadership and academic results. Other scholarships available are Distinction, Merit, and the Principal’s List Award Scholarships. Furthermore, HELP’s programs are fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and all HELP’s business diploma and degree programmes are listed in the loan list of PTPTN.

HELP’s Business programme are offered in the Subang 2 campus, as well as in the Damansara Heights campus.

For more information on HELP University’s Business programmes, please visit their website www.help.edu.my or call them at 03-2716 2000.

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