6 Novelty Items with a Malaysian Twist

Nowadays, I find myself feeling a tiny sense of dread when a celebratory day comes around, be it a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or even a wedding or graduation. When it comes to gift giving, the task only gets tougher as the years go by. Generic items like a mug that says ‘#1 Mum’ has long become boring and basic. I want something unique or at least fun and unusual, novelty items that I’d want for myself too!

So here are six novelty items that make great gifts or collectables – all with a Malaysian twist.

1. Kuih cushions by Meykrs and Nom Nom Plush

These kuih inspired cushions by Singaporean brands, Meykrs  and Nom Nom Plush, are absolutely adorable. From currypuffs to Ang Ku Kuih, bahulu, apam and more, you can either get a full-sized cushion for cuddling or a smaller version to use as a key chain or even a pouch. You can purchase these on naiise.com.my.

2. Hand painted t-shirts by Danvillage Art

Made by AnuarDan and other artists intent on preserving the Malay culture, these t-shirts represent the heritage that has been lost or we might lose in the future. The hand painted t-shirts are available at DanVillage in Central Market in Kuala Lumpur and on their Etsy store. Some of our top design picks are the durian, abstract mask, and Malayan tiger. Check out DanVillage Art on Etsy.

3. Miniature figurines by PicoWorm

Made by a Mechanical Engineering student who decided to pursue a passion for miniature art full time, these miniature items are made by hand with a fine attention to details. PicoWorm works with a wide range of materials from clay to paper, metal, wood, and anything else that comes to mind to create realistic miniatures of items that will invoke a sense of nostalgia in any Malaysian from old-style colourful tiffin carriers to oriental plates and even roti canai and cheap snacks. Check out the PicoWorm store on Etsy.

4. Miniature food accessories by TinyPinc

Another miniature artist to check out is Tinypinc who makes miniature Malaysian food items in the form of cufflinks, earrings, and pendants. Food is, after all, a unifying factors in Malaysia, so why not extend that love of food to your accessories as well and spice up your next black tie event with a pair of nasi lemak cufflinks. Check out TinyPinc’s Etsy store for iced gem biscuit earrings, Ang Ku Kuih bracelets, and more. These make perfect little gifts for people who love Malaysian food.


5. Personalised notebooks by Mossery

Mossery is a home-grown stationary brand that specialised in beautiful crafted notebooks. Whether you’re an artist looking for a sketchbook or a writer who needs a pocket-sized journal, Mossery offers quality notebooks made by fine paper and very pretty artwork on the covers. For a personalised touch, you can order a custom notebook from Mossery, selecting the type of paper you want (blank, lined, grid, dotted), a cover from their given selection, and add your name or quote on the cover, embossed in gold. Classy and elegant for anyone who can’t live without a notebook. Check out mossery.co for more.

6. Politiko card game by Loyar Burok

For fans of table top games, Politiko is a Malaysian card game that you won’t want to miss. Created by Loyar Burok, the game is a parody of Malaysia’s political system and the aim here is about winning the Malaysian’s general elections. Pick your political party and get to work trying to woo the voters in any way you can to win. The game can be played with up to six people and you’re guaranteed to have a ball. Loyar Burok has also released a Sabah and Sarawak expansion pack for added political fun. All proceeds from the sales on the website, LoyarBarang.com are channelled directly towards the Malaysian Centre For Constitutionalism and Human Rights and Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok initiatives. So this is a game with a conscious.

What other fun novelty items have you found with a Malaysian twist? Let us know in the comments below!

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