Move Over SmartTAG: The New Toll System Begins January 28th

Guess what? We’re getting a fancy new toll system next year! According to WorldofBuzz, the new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is a boothless, gateless set up that won’t require any waiting time at all since drivers won’t have to slow down for detection to take place. It’ll be similar to the ERP system in Singapore or even some of the toll systems in Australia.

As of early 2017, many toll booths have made the switch to fully electronic systems, only allowing for SmartTAGs and Touch ‘n Go. In fact, the entire PLUS highway is now fully electronic. So this RFID system is the next logical step.

According to Sinchew Daily News, the director of Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), Dato Ismail said that they’re targeting to have the system ready for the public in stages as of 28th January 2018. For now, the Malaysian Highway Authority is pilot testing the system on eight toll booths in the Klang Valley. These lanes are currently being used by the police, with the fire department and ambulances getting clearance soon as well.

The RFID tag will work like a Touch ‘n Go card in that it will have to be topped up when credit runs low. However, a direct-debit system is being studied as well where the tag will be connected to the owner’s bank account so that the toll charges can simple be deducted directly from the account.

A little digging around turned up a couple of news articles from 2015 about the RFID in Malaysia. Apparently, this has been in the works for a while now. Back in 2015, reported that the RFID was being studied and tested, with pilot phases to be introduced at a number of toll plazas and border entry points to record foreign vehicle registrations. The report also said that LLM was working closely with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and other authorities to integrate the system into the current setup and replace SmartTAG lanes with RFID as the new express payment system. So the new system has been in the testing stage for the past 2 years.

It seems LLM is now ready to move forward and start bringing this to the public beginning next year. Eventually if all goes well, we might even be able to dispense with toll booths altogether in certain highways. How cool is that!?

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Sathiya Seelan

New system, rakyat need invest new device, new card, n auto reload + super service charge for every single service…

Neil Oakes

System starts January, tags available August I expect plan not to drive anywhere 28 january

Kadir Othman

Anything new only means more robbery…beware thieves at work!

Ihsan Rahim

Unless plate number are standardised controlled and only JPJ can issue, what is stopping people not paying by displaying their tags and altering a single digit or letter of their plate and cruising thru?

Zhafri Khalid

yesss it’s official! Azman Kamaruddin

Azman Kamaruddin

kalau naik moto mcm mana kira? hehe

Jefferson JT

20years old technology … now only want to use . But at least came now


Better late than never 😁

Gen N Ken

Just keeping you updated for your return Susan Elizabeth n Neil

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