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5 Household Hacks for Comfort and Convenience

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If you are living alone in a cramped apartment and have to deal with endless chores, you are not alone. Just thinking about the amount of work needed just to get your house in its original state is exhausting. So, here are 5 household hacks to aid in your Sunday cleaning frenzy and managing your space.

1. Kitchen

Your kitchen is a sacred place in your house because this is where you prepare your meals to nourish your body. Many of us struggle with keeping our stoves clean everyday, and strong odors from our microwaves. Try this easy-peasy way of getting a fresh citrus scent from these appliances by cleaning them with lemon. No more scrubbing or scraping when all you have to do is simply fill half a cup with lemon juice and boil it in the microwave for three minutes. Afterwards, you will immediately notice a refreshing scent of lemon. Let it sit for another five minutes before wiping up all the grime and dirt.

As for stoves, coconut oil works well to eliminate greasy oily stains. Just rub the oil onto greasy spots and there you go, a shiny stove at your service.

2. Living Room

If you have family or friends coming over, your living room is the first indicator on the condition of the rest of your household, so it is imperative to keep your couch or any upholstery from emitting musty odors. By mixing a solution of water, vinegar, and your favorite essential oil, spray it on fabrics before vacuuming. This will ensure your furniture have fresher scents.

3. Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom is essentially the first thing you should do before proceeding onto something else. One of the easiest ways to clean your scummy shower head is by using baking soda and vinegar; two items you can easily find in your kitchen for the purpose of deep cleaning your shower head. Just pour half a cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of baking soda into a sandwich bag, wrap it around shower head securing it with a rubber band, turn the shower on till the bag is full, then turn the water off and leave it overnight. You’ll find your shower head unclogged, cleaner, with better water pressure.

4. Laundry

Living in high rise accommodation don’t always allow for a dedicated space to dry clothes, so this is when a dryer comes in handy. If you happen to have one, throwing a few ice cubes into your drying cycle can help to reduce wrinkled clothes. Then again, it will only be effective if you have small loads of laundry.

While on the subject of laundry, washing machines may not always be able to eradicate stains, so here’s a simple way to combat stubborn stains:

All you need is lemon and baking soda. Combine them both to make a paste, spread it on the stain, and power up the effect by drying it under sunlight.

5. Bedroom

A great way to eliminate unwanted clutter is by getting rid of things you no longer use or need, or by storing them away. If you don’t want floor shelves taking up space in your bedroom, install floating shelves. Yes, floating shelves are a good alternative for storage. Just be careful with your head and make sure that you do not stack too much.

Try this tip for musty mattresses: Using the same method for your fabric furniture, mix essential oils together with baking soda to spray on before vacuuming.


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