Reptonian Values and Excellence

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Repton International School Malaysia is a leading British international co-educational school located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The school is part of Repton UK which has been offering an outstanding education for more than 450 years.

Why Repton?

Based on the foundations of Repton UK, Repton Malaysia is committed to deliver academic excellence to children from 3-18 years, developing your child to be curious, independent and confident thinkers.

Our Mission is to nurture character and inspire minds. Through a Reptonian education, we seek to develop every student so as to maximise his or her potential to succeed in the global arena.

At Repton Malaysia, we educate for the future. Pupils strive in a healthy environment with a strong curriculum that embodies the four core values at the heart of the school – Wholeness, Truth, Excellence and Respect. Driven by a House system based on the Repton UK School model and embracing a strong pastoral element for students to be secure and safe.

Our Curriculum: From Early Years to IGCSE, A Levels & IB

At Repton Malaysia, our robust curriculum closely follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and thereafter, the English National Curriculum for Junior School.

We empower our pupils with an inspiring environment and a curriculum which places special emphasis on the ability to investigate problems, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, apply scientific principles and design innovations. Every pupil learns to communicate effectively with a minimum of two languages including English, Chinese, Malay and other languages such as French.

At Repton Malaysia, we build upon a solid foundation provided for our pupils in Junior School and Early Years. They will then advance to the Senior School, subsequently taking the IGCSE programme, before progressing to the Cambridge ‘A’ levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The well-planned and executed Senior School programme takes into consideration the academic foundation, aptitude and university aspirations of our pupils.

Technology in the 21st Century

The school adopts an educational philosophy that considers Technology to be the pursuit of the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

Technology is seen as the discipline of understanding social needs and then using Mathematics, Science, and Engineering creatively to meet those needs in an ecologically sustainable way. We focus on design for pupils to understand this 21st Century skill that connects Mathematics and Science to the needs of society. Your child will have their creativity piqued with our media-rich curriculum integrated with interactive learning.

repton campus

State-of-the-art Facilities

Repton Malaysia’s 20-acre full-facilities campus is purposefully built within a beautiful forest area, 18km east of Johor Bahru. The campus is geared to facilitate and support 21st century learning in knowledge, skills and values.


Pupils at Repton Malaysia will benefit from the excellent educational and recreational facilities available in the school ranging from Olympic-sized swimming pools, tennis courts, IT, Science and Multimedia laboratories.

Stay creative with our tinker spaces and eco garden where you can invent, explore and nurture your specific interests.

Beyond the Classroom

Our pupils experience the world beyond the classroom through a multitude of extra-curricular activities. They can engage with modern technology, environmental issues, community and societal issues by participating in outdoor and overseas expeditions as well as participating in community service. Every one of our activities aims at developing the soft skills of our pupils by nurturing them to be open minded, empathetic and independent.

A Nurturing Community

Our unique pastoral programme follows the PSHE UK curriculum. Repton Malaysia has developed a balanced educational ecosystem of diversity which is centred on the wellbeing of every child. We believe in building a positive and dynamic environment where pupils can flourish, with the Reptonian Values as the common goal at the heart of all our daily endeavours.

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