The Carpet King, Naseer Bhatti, opens Abee Rugs

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This post was written by Marybeth Ramey

FOR THE 12 YEARS I have been with The Expat Group, I have been writing about Naseer Bhatti, the popularly acclaimed Carpet King of KL. Naseer, well established in the KL area for over 21 years, has opened yet another Persian Carpet store called Abee Rugs. I’ve known Naseer for almost 15 years. He was one of the first people I met and got to know here as a hotelier’s wife whose ‘job’ it was to ensure the Group General Manager’s home was exquisitely outfitted as it served as a popular backdrop for social functions. Coming from three years in Phuket directly to Seremban was quite a culture shock for us. Meeting Naseer was like finding a friend from home as he too is an expat. He was quick to give me all kinds of tips about living here and has always had my deepest respect.

Abee Rugs is very conveniently located near the major Embassies and High Comms including the Australian in the Ampang region of KL. A steadfast feature of all Naseer’s stores is the most welcome convenient, free and ample parking right in front of the store. Just drive right up, walk on in and be prepared for your immersion into a cosy, friendly environment which showcases hundreds of stunning rugs and carpets.

Abee Rugs only deals with Hand-Knotted Persian Carpets (Persian Modern Design Carpets & Persian Classic Design Carpets), which are sourced from all over the world. Each hand-made carpet comes with specific design and colours (master piece/ one piece is only one in this world). Any carpet you buy comes with a certificate guarantee card & 100% trade-in value. If you should decide to change your carpets with another, newer selection, Abee takes it back at the same value.

As you look around the KL area, you cannot help but note the plethora of Persian Carpet stores. Most come and go in under a year. That’s why you should always check a carpet store first for its longevity. Naseer Bhatti is a very well known, highly ethical person in the expat community. He also understands how it feels to come here from perhaps your home country or another posting and having to adjust to so many di.erent things. He will serve you his special Persian tea and soon you will be talking like old friends. Most expats .nd this type of experience extremely important, especially new expats.

Beautifying or ‘decorating’ your floor with a beautiful Persian carpet is Abee’s business. Naseer has ensured Abee has the largest collection of hand knotted Persian and oriental carpets with unbeatable price in the KL area. He brings you the highest quality Persian Carpets and Rugs he can source when he takes his several overseas business trips annually. He is continuously importing first rate, quality and unique carpets and rugs directly from Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan the country’s known for having top-tier, authentic Persian Carpets.

Thousands of fine quality Persian carpets (Ardebil, Bijar, Bakhtiar, Qum, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mughal, Isfahan, Ferdos, Nain, Baluch), Silk carpets, Afghan carpets (Chobi, Kazak ), tribal carpets (Khal Muhamamdi), Turkmen carpets (bokhara), Pakistan Caucasian carpets, modern carpets and rugs, Gabbeh carpets and killims with a hugely diverse range of designs, patterns and colors are available in the Abee showroom.

Abee Rugs offers you a free consultancy, and will even come to your home or office and see the room/area you where you want to put the carpet before you make your choice. Once you purchase a carpet, Abee continues the relationship by o.ering care and maintenance services such as carpet cleaning, carpet washing, and carpet repairing. Knowing that any carpet you buy will always hold its value makes your decisions much easier and less stressful, too.

Naseer has attained and maintained his sterling reputation all these years because of the genuinely high quality of his carpets and rugs, his integrity, his friendliness, and his range of services for the total care of every carpet purchased.

Do yourself, your family, and your ‘castle’ a favour and go drop in to meet Naseer.


He truly earns the title of the Carpet King.

Source: The Expat November 2012

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