The ExpatGo Guide to Driving in Malaysia

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Welcome to the ExpatGo Guide to Driving in Malaysia.

One of the most enjoyable things about living in Malaysia is getting behind the wheel and heading out on to the road, passing through vibrant cities, seaside stretches, past highland mists and verdant jungles – often on the same trip!

Unlike most countries in Asia, Malaysia offers great driving opportunities as there is an impressive network of highways in peninsular and East Malaysia.

Though many expats no longer receive company cars, they still prefer driving to using public transportation or taxis, or apps like Grab or Uber. While this might be due to the adequacy of service, we tend to favour the idea that expats are used to having their own car, and that extra bit of mobility gives them a sense of independence.

However, many expats start driving without taking any local test or familiarising themselves with the local rules and regulations – which, of course, isn’t recommended.

Although there is no requirement in Malaysia – and many other countries – to take a local test to drive on the roads, it is always a good idea to try and understand some of the rules of the road and the meaning of more common road signs. This guide is intended to help expats explore the open road safely and legally.

We offer useful tips on driving in Malaysia including common road signs, buying and selling cars and lots of other information, tips and insights on motoring.

There is a lot to see in Malaysia so we hope you have a pleasant and safe driving experience!



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