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People often do not realise how large Asia is and distances to some destinations from Malaysia can be significant. For example a flight to Japan takes around 6 hours. However there are many exciting countries to visit which are much closer to Malaysia.

In this section we provide travel information about Malaysia and the surrounding countries. One of the advantages of living in Malaysia is that is has many excellent places to visit within the country and it is also centrally located to explore the rest of South East Asia. Each country has its own culture, history and unique attractions so there is plenty to discover.

We offer a brief overview of each destination as well as articles about travel to them and a listing of their main attraction. For Malaysia we breakdown this information by state, and for other countries separate if by main tourist destinations. You can also find some hotel suggestions for each of the countries.

If you are looking for information about the airlines which fly out of Malaysia then you can find it in the Airline section.

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