The ExpatGo Guide to Shopping in Malaysia

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As a shopping destination, KL competes favourably with any city in Asia, and has long been a popular place for picking up all manner of items at a huge variety of malls, markets, and shops. With its vast range of shops, affordable accommodations nearby, and virtually every top international brand represented, it’s no wonder KL was recently named the world’s 4th-best shopping city by CNN, trailing only global titans New York, London, and Tokyo.

But it is not just those seeking branded goods who can be catered to in the Malaysian capital. There are a wealth of shopping options for all budgets and tastes, with everything from messy street markets to chic malls, cultural shops to one-stop entertainment destinations.

Online shopping sites continue to open in Malaysia, and more people in Malaysia are becoming comfortable with purchasing products online.  There are online shops in Malaysia serving a wide range of interests, from major online retailers to group buying sites, from online florists to online gifts shops, from online grocery stores to online food delivery networks, and much more.

In the past several years, group buying sites have shot to fame.  These sites harness the power of collective buying. Essentially, products are sold on these sites every day at massive discounts. If there is not enough people who agree to buy, the deal expires.

If enough people agree to buy the deal, then the transaction goes through.  This can be a win-win situation for both the retailer and purchaser; the retailer sells enough products to earn money, and the buyers get products at heavily discounted prices.




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