The ExpatGo Guide to International Education in Malaysia

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The number of schools offering international education in Malaysia continues to grow.

In this section you can learn more about the schools and universities offering an international curriculum. We have a complete listing of all the international schools in the country. Some of them have chosen to have their own dedicated brand page so you can learn more about what they offer.

We have also listed selected preschools as well as universities which want to reach out to our audience of resident expats and Malaysians. You will also find a section we call ‘school snaps’ which shows the activities and achievements of some of the international schools and another section where educators share their thoughts on a variety of topics affecting children’s education. There is a separate section with information about universities. We are also starting a new section where teachers and other educators can post articles sharing their views on education related topics.

Education Guide Annual

For detailed information and a comprehensive guide on several schools in Greater KL and elsewhere in Malaysia, check out The Expat Education Guide.

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