Expat Associations Guide

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This section gives information about expat associations and associations which actively welcome expats.

Joining an association is an excellent idea for expats who are looking for:

  • A place to meet new people and make friends
  • A friendly source for information and assistance
  • Events or other social gatherings which they can join and meet like-minded people
  • A way to give back something to Malaysia by supporting charities or other worthwhile endeavours. (Most expat associations provide support to various local charities).

This section gives information about the various associations and the cost and requirements for membership (if any). Just click on the link below and you can go to the association’s dedicated page. We have made two lists, one for associations which primarily target expats and another for those which primarily target Malaysians and welcome expats (a great way to meet locals).

There is another section which covers upcoming events they organize which are open to non-members. By attending these you can get a feel for the association before committing to membership. A few of the events may be exclusively for members, but if so this will be clearly stated.

We will also be uploading e-magazines for the organisations which want to communicate to their members through this means and use our services and software

If you have a society or organisation which welcomes resident expats as members then please send details to [email protected] and if our committee feels it is suitable we will add details on this website.


If you are a member of any of the listed expat associations you are entitled to a major discount on the TEG Card. Find out more here.


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