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Healthcare in Malaysia

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Malaysia’s healthcare tourism industry is experiencing strong growth is indeed – in recent years, the rate of growth has been phenomenal!

According to the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, the number of healthcare travellers in 2013 topped out at nearly 770,000, a massive 96% increase from the 393,000 logged just three years earlier. When you consider that Malaysia offers the same treatments by equally qualified medical professionals in equally advanced facilities as Western countries where medical care is far more expensive, it’s easy to understand why health holidays are surging here.

Ranking among the world’s top 10 medical tourism destinations, and often topping international rankings, Malaysia is especially favoured in the fields of orthopaedics, cardiology, cancer care, and cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, although, as you will read, the nation is making tremendous strides in other fields, too.

The Expat Group, a leader in providing information and services to the international community in Malaysia for nearly two decades, publishes Health Holidays in Malaysia as a guide intended to highlight the benefits of choosing Malaysia for quality healthcare, as well as to help you make an informed decision on where and how to get the care you seek. But why call it a“health holiday” if you’re here for medical reasons?

Why, indeed: beyond the competitive prices for world-class healthcare, a health holiday in Malaysia offers a chance to visit some of the most spectacular places in the world. If you need time to recuperate after your medical care, there is no better place than Malaysia.

Many health tourism packages include a stay in a nearby luxury hotel so your doctor can monitor your recovery. In fact, you may not even need to check in to a hotel: private rooms in several hospitals offer the comfort and care you would expect in a top-end hotel!

If you are able to go out and travel around a bit, Malaysia will reward you handsomely, for the nation is a tropical paradise, with postcard-perfect islands and beaches, rainforest retreats, mouthwatering food, multicultural celebrations and festivals, and,of course, plenty of world-class shopping.

Enjoy Health Holidays in Malaysia, both the publication and, perhaps one day, the experience itself.



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