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Saw’s Hair Salon is the brainchild of über-stylist Edwin Saw. .e Malaysian-born hairstylist extraordinaire spent his formative years in the United Kingdom, gaining a formidable client following before returning to Malaysia to open up his own salon and provide the local market with top-notch quality and service.

Sleek interiors, a modern décor, and cool furnishings give the Saw Salon in KLCC a unique futuristic feel, making it a popular choice with hip, young locals and expats alike.

Focus has always been a key factor in Edwin’s success. At a young age, he was so bent on pursuing a career in hairdressing that he packed his bags and left home to undertake hairdressing courses in one of the most stylish capitals in the world – London. “I was quite young and playful then, so my family and friends thought it was very brave of me to go off to the UK,” he says.

Once he learnt the basics, Edwin began working under the tutelage of various famous hairstylists, gaining firsthand experience in this ever-vibrant industry. After 22 years in London, Edwin returned to Malaysia, armed with technical skills and brimming with fascinating ideas: “My aim was to share ideas and experiences through the salon. We have to be ahead of the times; to be trendsetters instead of followers. I firmly believe that if we have trust in ourselves and put our minds to the tasks at hand, we can achieve great things.”

Throughout his time in the UK, Edwin managed to build a style portfolio that included hair magazines, fashion shows and a clientele that included prominent figures in society and celebrities. Despite reaching great heights, Edwin was always determined to keep learning. “.e more I accomplished, the more I did not want to stop learning. With every new salon, there are new things to observe and absorb, just like in life,” he says.

Out of all the lessons he has learnt along the way, Edwin cites a holistic approach to style that has been his greatest one. “.e most important thing international stylists have taught me is that it does not stop at just cutting hair,” he reveals. “It is about building a trusting and comfortable relationship with your customer. To be a successful hairdresser, you must be able to interact with customers,” he says. “Whether they are after a cut or a blow dry or a treatment, I try to be as involved in the process as I can. A great haircut alone will not convince people to keep returning.” Indeed, it is this attentiveness and attention to detail that reflects Edwin’s motto in his work life: “.e client must leave the salon feeling happy, no matter what it takes.”

Understanding the needs and wants of the local market has been another key ingredient in Edwin’s success. “In my time in Malaysia, I have learnt that Asians love pampering. As a result, our aim is to make sure our clients are completely relaxed when they visit. Instead of just giving them a hair wash, we also give them the option of reflexology, manicures and pedicures. Malaysians are generally into looking good, so it is an all-round experience, as opposed to just a haircut,” he says.


The Saw Salon’s services are vast and varied indeed. Besides the usual cut and wash, they also do highlights, colouring, perming, rebonding, hair relaxing, hair and scalp treatments, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, and Keratin treatment with collagen – the holy grail of hair care. .e Keratin treatment is one of the best anti-frizz treatments for damaged hair and the perfect antidote for those who aim to keep the weight and body in their locks, without the added frizz. Especially beneficial for Westerners living in Asia combating the different environment and high levels of humidity, the salon also specialises in colouring Caucasian hair, having had much experience dealing with the intricacies of different hair textures.

For Edwin, exploring the freedom to diversify one’s talent is something he has enjoyed immensely throughout his hairstyling career. With such a varied clientele, Edwin and his team have adapted their techniques to be able to deal with the constantly revolving wheel of fashion that they experience on a daily basis.

“The biggest challenge is understanding, to a certain degree, what look suits a person best,” he admits. “Once you put a smile on a customer’s face, it is all worth it.” Spoken like a true professional.


Address: Lot 401k 4th Floor Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur Telephone: 03 – 2171 1881 Website:


Source: The Expat April 2013

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