Tickets to Bon Jovi’s Concert in KL Goes on Sale Tomorrow

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Tickets to Bon Jovis Concert in KL Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Photo Credit: Bon Jovi, Facebook

If you plan to catch Bon Jovi’s concert in KL this year, the tickets go on sale tomorrow, 10 June, 2015, starting at 10am.

The tickets are priced between RM168 and RM888, excluding RM4 processing fee. You can purchase the tickets by visiting www.ticketcharge.com.my

Bon Jovi, together with his band, will perform in KL on September 19. This will be the second time the band performs in Malaysia.

The band was formed in 1983 and is well-known for hits such as Livin’ On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name, Always, It’s My Life and I’ll Be There For You.

 Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life:

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Neo Soon Chiau

Janis Lim Huiee Wong Shirley Tang Apa macam?

Janis Lim

Which one are you getting ?

Neo Soon Chiau

Janis Lim belum buy le, 3xx or 6xx one but c what u guys want lo if go together.

Neo Soon Chiau

Mana Huiee Wong? Calling calling Ms Wong

Angie Das

Yashwini Nair wanna join us. Am going. Wooo hooòooooooooo yes yes yes

Marcus Low CY

Nevermind you buy me the ticket i help you to go and parrrrtttyy!

Angie Das

Just watched bon jovi s Its my life video clip. 2 go or not 2 go thats the question. The concert atmosphere willl b awesome

Gina Tandy

Liza LuElla Davies, wanna come over and join us? xox

Seng Ko

David Lau Wong Chee Hsiung

Khor Jin

Yong Jian Khor Thomas Ang

Aaron Bradley Masikam

Hahahahaha suda aku kena bagi

Jason Hamilton

Nic, come to Malaysia NOW.

Nic Lesmeister

Lol! And he’s coming to Tel Aviv in October! Gonna miss him by two months. 🙁

Shanina Stepanenko

kak Norazura Abu Bakar…apa nie???tak aci!! consert abg Bon Jovi!!!!!!!!

Kadir Jamal

Chrizs Bon Jov Hijjaz Aziz

Hijjaz Aziz

Karaoke lagi syiok wor

Rachel Wright

Yes. I’m still on the road. If you can manage tickets, I’ll pay you back next week!

Angela Bowen

Rachel Wright are we doing this? ??

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