Malaysia Steps up Pressure on People Doing Visa Runs

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A Swiss couple were detained at Penang International Airport and placed in a “Not to Land” room because they had apparently made several quick exits from and returns to the country. They spent two nights sleeping on the floor before the Director of Immigration ordered their release. This was ostensibly due to their plight being highlighted in the New Straits Times; however, they were only given a one-week visa and not the usual three months that Europeans enjoy.

There are quite a number of expats who choose to live and even work in Malaysia and travel out of the country every three months to get another 90-day visa. However, it seems that the immigration department may be starting to clamp down on this practice if the passport shows more than three exit and returns within a short period of time.

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En Ay Ech

So what is the problem with visa runs…at least they are doing it legally?

Dayo Tope

Atobiloba Sharp Boiyan

Fu Rong Teh

Is better to clamp down on illegal or overstay too many !

Alvin Andzin

U.S A and Canada is the hardest to get a visa.

Michael Brannelly

What are they doing wrong, unless they can prove they are working illegally they have not committed any crime.

Pak Dukun

This happen long long time d…

Zeeshan Khan Swati

wanted to go tooo Malaysia but dont have abad idea how…

Jojo Queen

Expats ar spending even investing in Msia. Why the foreign workers from Indo Bangledesh or Nepal etc can enter and live here with no question?!!

Duncan D. Horne

How long do you define “a short period of time?”

Nur Sofea Abdullah

non sense comments … come ill fix all your visa problems.. i got connections inside.. 0166942140 call me..

Carol Hayes

I know of many expats waiting on their work Visa’s to be approved some have waited for almost a year…why is this process so time consuming? No wonder expats are doing visa runs…

Syant Alias

Wow, im speechless now.

David Lee Berry

Build a house here or invest so you won’t have any problems.

MarviƎn MisdƎmaenor

Azreen Afzan Atty Sulaiman Nani Taha Syant Alias

Mart Twiggy

Despite providing all the required information back in August, I am still waiting for a Visa. My previous schools only too no more that 6 weeks.

Mohan Balasingam

Get a proper visa. After all when we go to your country its the same thing so why should Malaysia be different

Mary Musleh

Woww Sally, this sounds just like Qatar.
I am surprised Malaysia is like that. But in Qatar,
Americans are only allowed a 2 month visit visa. My husband was living there, and in order for me to live with him, I had to leave and travel back the next day. There is no such thing as a proper visa unless you’re sponsored on a family visa which sometimes you can’t get because of the strict high monthly salary requirements of the spouse or father.

Sally Beasley Gettel

All countries have a stipulation on the length of the stay of a tourist.

Ed Couture

Rm 1000 a month extension fee. This would be an incentive for mm2h since the mm2h fee is rm900 for 10 years…

Ed Couture

All the expats I know spend a lot of money in Malaysia adding to the economy… Instead of leaving every 3 month, an extension should be available at a reasonable fee.

Marie Chee

Yes yes…abt time…and they use the padang besar exit point n come in again. Cheaper.

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