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8 Reliable Services for Bottled and Filtered Water in Malaysia

It has actually been said that the tap water in Klang Valley is perfectly safe to drink, although most people still buy bottled water, either from a nearby mamak or shop. But what if you want to remove the hassle of going out to buy a bottle of water each time you need it, and instead have it delivered to you?

Here’s a list of home water delivery services that operate in Malaysia:

1. Happy Water

HappyWater delivers standard five-gallon bottles (~18.9 litres) which fit with the HappyWater dispenser system. There’s also a three-gallon bottle for easier lifting. Apart from that, you can order cups of water (with the disposable plastic lid), 500ml bottles or 1.5l bottles, as well as soft drinks. As for your HappyWater dispenser itself, a maintenance engineer will drop by on a quarterly basis to to service and sanitise it.

Delivery period: within 24 hours of ordering
Tel: +603 4043 4090

2. Water Express (Klang Valley only)

With an option for countertop or floorstanding water dispensers, Water Express provides reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water to homes and offices. You can choose either a one-time rental package of RM80 for the dispenser and RM8 per 5 gallon bottle or a free use dispenser with a prepaid 60 bottles of water for RM9 per bottle. You can order the water online and have it delivered for free.

Delivery period: within 24 hours of ordering
Tel: +6019 212 9833

3. Spritzer

Spritzer offers two types of mini dispensers: a room temperature option, or a hot / warm option. Both dispensers are compatible with the 6.0 litre to 9.5 litre bottles from Spritzer, for both natural drinking water and mineral drinking water. One thing to note is that there’s a minimum purchase requirement of RM100 before 6% GST, and free delivery is available in Klang Valley, Penang and certain parts of Perak.

Delivery period: Within 4 working days. Orders after 3pm on delivery day will be sent on the next delivery day. No delivery on public holidays.
Tel: 1800 88 3111

4. Agies

Agies offers a variety of water dispensers for home or office use, including the top loading, bottom loading, and direct piping dispensers. For the top-loading dispensers, Ageis delivers 5 gallon bottles of RO drinking water. When you buy a dispenser for Ageis, they also provide service repairs and parts together with their water delivery service.

Delivery period: Call to check
Tel: +6011-2816 6860


5. JuzWater

Dubbing themselves at the premium drinking water supplier in KL and Selangor, JuzWater provides drinking water and dispensers perfect for your office or home. They offer a wide range of products and dispensers, from paper cups to bottled water, and even 19L drinking bottled water. Bottle water dispensers are available with the Hot and Normal combination or Hot and Cold combination, for both floor standing and desktop water dispensers. There are several packages available as well, depending on your needs.

Delivery period: Call to check
Tel: +6019-6262 625

6. Coway

A fancier water dispensing service, Coway has machines that dispense hot, cold and room temperature water, with some units having an in-built ice maker as well. Depending on your budget, the dispensers can be rented from RM66 to RM190 per month, depending on the features available on the machines. Rental comes with free 5-year service. You can also opt to buy the machine instead of renting, which comes with one year of free service.

Delivery period: Call to check
Tel: 1 800-888-111

7. Cuckoo

Similar to Coway, Cuckoo is a water dispensing brand that’s fast-growing in the country. Rather high-tech, some of Cuckoo’s dispensers have up to 13 types of water temperature adjustments and voice navigation in English, Malay, and Chinese. For pricing, you would need to write in and make an enquiry on their website.

Delivery period: Call to check
Tel: 1 800-88-8181

8. Sterling Pure

Sterling Pure, a local company, has a combination of freestanding Hot & Cold dispensers, along with countertop Hot, Warm, and Cold dispensers. Every bottle will be delivered to you in their custom-built box trucks, meaning your bottles aren’t exposed to the dirt and dust of traffic when being transported. Taking the best advantages of distilled and RO water into account, their filtration process uses 16 stages of purification in three separate purification processes.

Delivery period: Call to check
Tel: 03-6274 7088

* This article has been updated and was originally posted on October 26, 2016 by ExpatGo Staff.


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