Malaysia Ranks High in Airport Awards and Quality of Living Report

The immigration service at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) was recently awarded the best in the world, beating Hong Kong International Airport and Tokyo International Airport, which are ranked second and third place, respectively. The award, which was given by the Skytrax World Airport Awards, also known as the Passengers Choice Awards, was voted by 13.82 million airline passengers from 105 different countries worldwide.

To add to the victory, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2) was also ranked third-best Low-Cost Airline Terminal in the same ceremony, while Tokyo Narita Airport’s Terminal 3 claimed the first place spot. Besides that, Kuala Lumpur also placed seventh in having the world’s best airport staff, ahead of Tokyo Narita International Airport at eighth place. All the winners were announced during the awards ceremony at Amsterdam’s Passenger Terminal Expo in the Netherlands on 14 March.

Mercer 2017 Quality of Living

On a separate but equally positive note, Kuala Lumpur was also named the second-best city in Southeast Asia in Mercer’s 2017 Quality of Living rankings, with Johor Bahru grabbing the third position. The yearly survey by consulting firm Mercer, which is used by multinational companies to design expatriate packages, named Kuala Lumpur as the city with the second-best quality of life in Southeast Asia, with Singapore taking home the top prize.

The Quality of Living survey looked at 10 different categories, including political and social environment, economic environment, natural environment, housing, health services, and education.


Rodil de Quiroz

It is safe unless your brother is Kim Jun Un.

Lilian Tan

If you can believe it, yay!

Henning Fenech

how come most Malaysians hate KL then?

Wayne Harte-Lovelace

KL convenient ? Its a 45/60 min drive to KL

Syahril-Ikhwan Helmi

It should be called Sepang International Airport instead of KL.. The opposition did raise this point before.. IINM its to put it under federal gov authority instead of state gov..

Wayne Harte-Lovelace

Convenient for the race track, thats about it

Fuchs-English Estelle

Yes very convenient airport; but safety is paramount. People can get easily assassinated. I thought I found a good place to hide. Lol

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