Special DBKL Compound Rates Starting Dec 15

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*This post was updated on February 19.

Calling all traffic offenders in Kuala Lumpur! KL City Hall (DBKL) is offering special compound rates for traffic summons under their jurisdiction.

According to a statement by DBKL, the special rates will be offered from December 15 to February 28. However, City Hall just announced that the discount period has been extended until June 30!

The special rates are RM20 for motorcycles, RM30 for cars and RM50 for heavy vehicles, including buses and lorries.

“However, this special compound rate offer is subject to traffic offenses only and not for cases brought to court and cases that have been blacklisted by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).”

Facts and figures

The large number of unsettled compounds with DBKL prompted the council to offer the special rates. According to DBKL, there were 3.2 million unsettled compound notices from 2014 to 2016. Through DBKL’s enforcement efforts, 333,376 notices were settled up until October this year with a collection of RM10,547,217.

Continued efforts resulted in 1,170,953 notices were issued with 179,466 being settled amounting to RM8,821,361.

For the remaining notices, 34,897 cases were brought to court. Up until October this year, 4,732 cases were blacklisted by JPJ.



The strangest concept. Giving discounts to offenders. They do it in Italy too. An amnesty for those who build illegally without the necessary permission or those who evade tax. Madness.

Kate Williams

ExpatGo I daren’t look😱

Francesco Zoe Marshallo

I daren’t either, I know I have at least 3 Kate Williams! 🙈

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