School Snaps: R.E.A.L Student Skates His Way to Hockey Glory

Kamui Horiuchi, a student of R.E.A.L International School, Shah Alam Campus, began playing ice hockey when he was just six or seven years of age. One of his earliest memories of the sport was when his dad took him to Los Angeles to watch a live game. On that occasion, he instantly fell in love with the sport and it took little persuasion for him to pursue it regularly.

As a young ice hockey talent, Kamui has shown tremendous potential and progress. Now a core member of the Jazura Juniors team, his dream is to be one of the sport’s leading lights in years to come. Kamui’s success in helping his team to clinch the Peewees Championship title at this year’s Scotiabank Ice
Dragons Classic tournament in Singapore is testament to his passion and commitment towards a sport that has played a big part in his young life so far.


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