The ExpatGo Guide to International Education in Malaysia

The importance of international education here in Malaysia continues to grow, and as last year, the increasing number of schools and other learning institutions operating in Malaysia is indicative of this important sector.

Our Education Guide outlines what parents need to know, addresses some salient educational topics, and covers many of the fine schools in the country, from pre-school to university level.

Education is one of the National Key Economic Areas included in the Malaysian government’s sweeping Economic Transformation Programme. Four prioritised segments have been identified:

  • Early childcare and education;
  • Basic education (primary and secondary);
  • Technical education and vocational training; and
  • Tertiary education (for both Malaysian and international students).

Today in Malaysia, there are indeed dozens of international schools in operation and the total number is expected to approach (or perhaps exceed) 100 by 2020. Back in 2012, Malaysia eliminated the cap on the percentage of Malaysians permitted to enrol in international schools.

As a result, some international schools are now predominantly filled with Malaysian students. The schools appearing in this publication are generally those which are keen to attract foreign students, though some schools operate multiple campuses with different curriculum streams for predominantly local or international student bodies.

All these aspirations have culminated in the creation of [email protected] Malaysia in Johor, which has attracted a number of well-regarded international institutions including Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, Raffles University Iskandar, Marlborough College Malaysia, University of Southampton Malaysia, Reading University Iskandar, and Raffles American School. Iskandar Malaysia became a regional education hub, further benefitting proximity to Singapore.

We hope you will find this guide helpful.


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