Life in the Fast Lane

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The chief operating officer of Fast Bikes is bent over a motorcycle, watching intently while the rear shock absorber of a customer’s bike is being adjusted. The adjuster in question is Klaus from EPM Performance Imports in New Jersey. “The customer complained that the bike was bouncing under acceleration” explains Klaus. “I think the suspension is too soft so we are making it a little stiffer”. Klaus is coming to end of a week spent in Malaysia discussing his company’s suspension enhancements for top-end motorcycles.

The focus at Fast Bikes in on the customer experience and that goes way beyond just selling bikes. “The true experience starts when the customer rides away into the sunset” says Fast Bike’s COO, Razak. “After-sales service ensures that the whole experience is a good one. Our team has over 50 years experience with big bikes, from working with manufacturers like Aprilia and BMW… We want to make sure that experience is the best it can possibly be.” The back of the oddly shaped showroom is packed with large bikes. A Kawasaki, some Triumphs, and a few Aprilias all stand waiting their turn for attention. Klaus is the centre of that attention right now, showing the whole team tricks for optimizing ride and comfort on the big machines. “The factory set them up one way and for certain roads. We can provide di.erent ride settings and suspension options that support the needs of individuals and their personal styles”.

Razak could just as easily be described as the Chief Passion O.ce of Fast Bikes “along with the cleaner, salesman, and accountant until recently when we hired extra help” he adds with a laugh. This is a man who loves motorcycles, regardless of their form. “We started about a year ago and we’re now able to provide just about anything on two wheels – Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Triumph. But we soon realised that the guys at Triumph echoed our motto – “go your own way”. It just worked, especially as we learned more about what they did and the bikes they sold.”

Adorning the entrance to the shop house in Kampung Pandan that Fast Bikes calls home, is a Triumph Rocket III Roadster. This three cylinder 2.3 litre matte black monster is for those who want more than a little from their machine. “Weighing only 367kg with a full tank, it has loads and loads of torque” Razak offiers, following my gaze to the machine in front. For those with more pedestrian tastes, the Triumph Street Triple is an award-winning, aggressively-styled machine ideally suited to the varying road conditions in Malaysia. After topping the UK big bike sales charts in 2010, Triumph, with its history of innovation in motorcycles, is truly back on top after years languishing in the shadow of the Japanese and US bike makers. “there’s something for everyone across a broad price range from about RM60,000 all the way up to the Rocket at around RM120,000.” There’s great excitement in Fast Bikes due to the imminent arrival of Triumph’s new models for 2012; “The Street Triple has had some styling changes, as wel as some of the other bikes getting a makeover.”

The showroom is a feast for the senses for any motorcycle enthusiast. In one corner, an example of the venerable Bonneville gleams quietly. “My father used to own one,” offers Razak. This bike was the first of the true superbikes and has evolved into a highly competent modern bike while still maintaining the personality of the original 1960s model.

Fast Bikes is in an easy-to-reach part of KL; “We located ourselves here in Kampung Pandan because it’s easy to get to from the city centre and we can get a little more room for parking and service. It makes sense and road access to us is really easy”.

That has to be all the invitation anyone should ever need. The bikes are there, a lovely lime green demo version of the all new Tiger 800 is ready to ride. Come on over. Razak and his team will be glad to see you and you will walk out with a gleam in your eye and a spring in your step.

Fast Bikes is open from 10am-7pm Monday to Thursday, closed Fridays, and from 10am-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fast Bikes
Tel : 03.9200 9007
Web :
Showroom/Workshop :
49 Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

This article was written by Hugh Ujhazy
Source: The Expat May 2011 

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