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If you choose to leave your own furniture back in your home country, there are several options available to you here in Malaysia. Read on to find out more.

Fully and Semi-Furnished Housing in Malaysia

Apartments are generally at least partially furnished; many are furnished and kitted out so that you can move right in. This is particularly true in areas that cater to expats. Bear in mind that while landlords are often willing to add or remove furniture depending on your requirements, your tastes and standards may be quite different.

Fully-furnished houses are less common, usually being semi-furnished or completely unfurnished. A semi-furnished home will require some furniture to be added here and there, while non-furnished properties are often completely bare, without even air-conditioning units and water heaters.

The monthly rent on a fully-furnished home can be as much as 10% higher than its unfurnished equivalent.

Renting Furniture in Malaysia

Fortunately, rental furniture for homes and offices is increasing in popularity, and there are several companies catering exclusively to the expat market. Packages are very reasonable in the long run, and often based on a rent-to-own structure meaning you can consider purchasing your furniture at a reduced rate at the end of the lease period.

Buying Furniture in Malaysia

Furniture in Malaysia is very affordable, especially locally manufactured products. Buying locally made furniture will also safeguard you against the climate, as they tend to have a good finish, and are not easily affected by the humid weather in Malaysia. Teak furniture is particularly common and available all across Malaysia. In fact, you can see teak trees – destined for local furniture manufactures – dotted along Malaysia’s highways.


You can find local and imported furniture in all the major shopping malls, and there is even an IKEA in Damansara just outside KL if you like to self-assemble!

Second Hand Furniture in Malaysia

Second hand furniture is also available but not particularly common. You can check the local daily newspapers’ classifieds pages for garage sales and warehouse sales for good bargains. Check out our classified and garage sales sections as this is where expats tend to advertise their furniture when relocating elsewhere.

Antique Furniture in Malaysia

If you are looking for antiques, take a walk round Bangsar and China Town. Nowadays it’s hard to find antiques at bargain prices, but there are lots of beautiful and very convincing reproductions available.

Shipping Furniture from Malaysia

If your company covers your relocation costs, it may be worth investing in a few pieces of furniture to take with you when you leave Malaysia. Be sure to consider the cost and risks of shipping furniture before splashing out on that antique cabinet you’ve fallen in love with.

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