Work Permit Visas in Malaysia

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All foreigners wishing to live and work in Malaysia need an employment pass.

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All foreigners wishing to live and work in Malaysia need an employment pass. These are not that difficult to obtain as long as the company hiring you does not appear to be hiring you for a job that could easily be filled by a Malaysian and meets certain minimum paid up capital requirements. The work permit approves the expat to work for a specific company. If they wish to change company they have to follow certain procedures and apply for another work permit.

Spouse permission to work

If a spouse wishes to work, they will need to get a work visa which is also known as a professional work visa.

Residence pass

Expats living in Malaysia for over three years and earning a basic salary of at least RM15,000 per month may be eligible to apply for a Residence Pass which allows them to stay in Malaysia for up to 10 years. Applicants have to possess specific skills which are in demand in Malaysia. The visa allows them to move from job to job and even their spouses are permitted to work.

Information on Residence Visa.

Permanent residency

It is extremely hard for foreigners to obtain PR in Malaysia and stories of people trying for ten years and longer are quite common. Most applicants are rejected and usually only persons married to Malaysians have any chance of being given it.

For more details, check out the Immigration Department’s website . There is a section in English. You can also visit: Obtaining Permanent Residency in Malaysia: What You Should Know

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