Nayati’s Kidnappers Caught

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Five people believed to be involved in the kidnapping of Nayati Moodliar have been arrested.

The suspects (four men and a women) aged between 19 and 40 were detained in Perak and Cheras, between Sunday (6 May) and Monday (7 May).

The suspects went in separate ways after collecting the ransom. Investigations also revealed that the suspects were each assigned a designated task in the kidnapping. One was assigned to kidnap Nayati, another was assigned to hide and take care of Nayati, and one more was assigned to collect the ransom. There is an on-going operation to nab two more suspects.

Sources also say that part of the ransom paid to secure the release of Nayati was recovered. A police task force headed by City Criminal Investigation Department had been keeping a close surveillance on the suspects for several days, before finally nabbing them in separate operations in Perak and Cheras.

Nayati Moodliar was kidnaped while walking to the Mont Kiara International School on 27 April. The kidnappers made contact with Nayati’s parents after 24 hours of the kidnapping, through Nayati’s Facebook account. After paying the ransom, Nayati was dropped off at the Sungai Buloh Rest and Recreation stop at the North South expressway at 7.55am, on 3rd May.

As mentioned in our previous report, this is the first time that an expat child has been kidnapped (to our knowledge) although kidnapping is not that uncommon in Malaysia. Very often families make payments without contacting the police.

Once again we would like to advice all expat families to be alert and not let your children out of your sight in public places or let them make their own way to school.

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