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Opened in November 2009, Twenty One Tables and Terrace, nestled on the top floor of the revamped Bangsar Shopping Complex, is definitely making waves in 2010. Most know Twenty One as a top notch watering hole, however after eating here I have concluded that the food more than holds its own.

The best way to describe the gastronomy at Twenty One is a fusion of European food with Asian accents.This fusion is definitely noticeable in the spicy linguini with braised lamb, which showcases Italian- and Asian-inspired flavours combined to perfection and impeccably presented.

Among the scrumptious seared salmon, the quesadilla, and the spicy chicken salad, the braised beef burger deserves its very own mention. With its perfectly put together layers of juicy meat, melted cheese, and application of onion to just the right degree, this mouthwatering burger is a treat for the palate.

The art of mixing has travelled to new heights at Twenty One. With cocktails like the “T&T Martini” and “Twenty One degrees”, your liquid refreshment will never be a bore.One highly impressive thirst quencher was the Raspberry Long Island, with freshly crushed raspberries blended into the usual concoction; this cocktail takes a classic and adds a marvellous twist to it.

Attracting a crowd of young execs and managers, Twenty One exudes a cool ambience. With “lush-house” music (laid back house music) playing in the background, Twenty-one is the ideal place to spend your “spirited” evenings. It is also open for lunch, catering to those who work, live or shop in Bangsar.

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