Iskandar Malaysia : No Longer a Dream

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“A strong and vibrant metropolis for the future” was the aspiration during the conceptualization of Iskandar Malaysia. Dedicated to the people of Malaysia and specifically to the residents of the state of Johor, Iskandar Malaysia is a highly anticipated national project that will encompass three times the land size of its neighbour, Singapore. Envisioned to stand as a strong and sustainable economic region with global competitiveness, this emerging metropolis’s establishment is constantly benchmarked against the world’s best in practices and infrastructure.

Iskandar Malaysia has already begun its path towards becoming the prodigious development that it is geared to be. With three international seaports flanking its eastern and southwestern shorelines, the Port of Pasir Gudang, the Port of Tanjung Langsat, and Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Iskandar Malaysia is at the nexus of Asia’s busiest shipping routes. The Senai International Airport in the north of Iskandar Malaysia adds to its global connectivity, allowing greater access in and out of Malaysia. This connectivity continues to cover land via rail and comprehensive roadways, making it most favourable for trade as well as offering mobility for business people, residents, and visitors.

Complementary to its worldwide connectivity are the infrastructure enhancement plans which include a multi-model public transportation system supplementing existing public transport services as well as a comprehensive safety and security programme. These have all been put in place to meet the demands of a world-class city.

As one delves deeper into the region, the capital city of Johor Bahru can be discovered at the very heart of this expansive region. Here, the Central Business District of Iskandar Malaysia sits beside the Danga Bay Waterfront development complex, combing a center for cultural handicrafts and local delicacies with a captivating recreation and nightlife hotspot. To the West, you will find Nusajaya, Southeast Asia’s largest integrated urban development which spans 24,000 acres and is earmarked as the growth center within Iskandar. It houses eight catalyst projects that will lead the development of this burgeoning metropolis.

Notable among the projects are Puteri Harbour, an integrated waterfront development and marina. Also impressive is the Southern Industrial & Logistics Clusters, a “clean and green” industrial park for industries such as advanced technologies, health, and nutraceuticals. Afiat Medical Park, a centre for wellness and medical research, and Educity, a regional campus for the world’s renowned universities, are also among the projects. In addition to this plethora of world-class developments is the exciting prospect of Legoland in Nusajaya that is anticipated to open in September 2012.

Treading along the coastal fringes of Johor, an encounter with the pristine mangrove forests hosting unique wildlife habitat will surely ease the mind. Some of these mangrove forests have been rightfully gazetted as RAMSAR sites, earmarking them as Wetlands of International Importance and rousing a concerted effort by the authorities to ensure these sites remain untouched amid the demands for development. Tucked away in the recesses of the secondary forests here are several quaint fishing and agricultural kampungs (villages). Local visitors and foreigners are welcome to stay here under a Homestay Programme that includes cultural experiences such as making local delicacies and learning the traditional zapin dance.

By way of recreation, the region also features a light heritage jaunt; there are historical buildings in the city center dating back to the early 1800s. The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque and the Istana Besar (Great Palace) are notable examples of the various heritage buildings, delighting visitors with the colourful history of this southern state.

Heritage buildings steeped in history, colourful culture, and delicious cuisine amid a burgeoning world-class development… the potentials of Iskandar Malaysia seem limitless. However, no country is complete without its people. The impetus of success is in the people driving an idea towards an impressive future for the region.

Johor’s illustrious history recounts its heyday as a flourishing trading port in the 1600s. Winston Churchill once said, “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” History cannot give a prediction of the future, but it can give a fuller understanding of our heritage and capabilities. Iskandar Malaysia is setting out to objectify Johor’s glory days as a booming center of trade and commerce, and push it onwards to becoming a strong, sustainable metropolis of international standing.
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Source: The Expat May 2012
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