A Stimulating Learning Environment at the Alice Smith School

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The importance of providing a high quality learning environment providing opportunities for maximising the potential of every learner is always a priority at the Alice Smith School.In this new academic year, the Alice Smith School quickly became a hive of activity with the opening of the new Foundation One building and revamped Year One shared area at the Primary Campus.

The Foundation One building looks fantastic and is complete with Smartboard facilities and storage areas. The new classroom is bright and airy with many windows to allow in lots of natural light. The addition of an extra class is a great welcome to Foundation Stage where there have been extensive waiting lists for Preschool. There are now two Pre-school classes and five Reception classes. The Year One Shared Area has also undergone major re-development and, as a consequence, now boasts a dedicated art/craft area, kitchen, pull-down LCD screen, a playhouse and an individual play area for the children.

On the Secondary Campus, a new addition is the multi million ringgit Steve Warry Centre which opened in September 2011. This state-of-the-art building provides flexible teaching spaces which are in line with the best of modern teaching practices, a Media Studies Suite, an ICT Support Centre and a Careers and University Guidance Office. It also houses a unified whole school Administration Suite and a parent room.

Work has also taken place to renovate the pastoral offices and the staffroom which now has an external Coffee Corner for staff and parents. Under the new development plan in the Secondary Campus, one of the main initiatives is to have the teaching and learning areas built based on a concept of shared, open student-centred learning. A child’s educational and personal development is a goal shared by the whole Alice Smith community and this is most effective when that learning is open for all to contribute towards.

The English Faculty is the first faculty in the School which has been developed around such a concept, following the trail-blazing Sixth Form Centre for Learning.

Plans are underway to develop and further improve the other facilities providing the best for students. This includes plans for a new state-of-the-art Science block at the Secondary Campus.

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