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A Visual Feat at Rasa Sayang's Ferringhi Grill

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Fine dining is an art form and should stimulate the not only the taste buds and the olfactory glands but also delight the eye. Rasa Sayang’s renowned Ferringhi Grill sets out to do just that with a dazzling succession of courses in a palette of colours that any artist would envy. It’s a connoisseur’s way of eating, the charm of small, re.ned distinct tastes that can be savoured for their texture as much as their taste.

We began with an amuse bouche of chicken and salmon roe. These little dishes don’t just amuse the mouth, they often make you giggle as they are so small. The next course, a brik pastry cigar with olive oil, tomatoes, vinegar and Dutch basil was something more to sink one’s teeth into. The pastry, microscopically thin, sheathed a cylinder of creamy goat’s cheese. Brik pastry is a Tunisian specialty and it’s almost impossible to make in the high humidity of Malaysia, so it has to be imported. This was followed by a dainty plate of Angus Carpaccio, with pecorino, rocket pulp, peri peri and wood grilled capsicum. The salty pecorino complimented the tender carpaccio to perfection. Two tiny bread sticks accompanied the dish.

The five spice quail was interesting as the quail was served in two different ways, both fried and in an escalope. This was a fusion dish with five spices as a homage to vernacular Chinese five spice dishes. The locally grown fungi, all shapes and sizes, were a delight, as was the unexpected bite of the cuttlefish. A plate cleansing sorbet preceded the main course of lamb loin with radicchio and pine nuts on a bed of egg plant puree. Two or three islands of miso in the puree provided a high profile strip of taste in the mouth while a few flakes of pearl barley gave the dish crunch. The tender medallions of lamb had been wood-grilled and had a slight Mediterranean smokiness.

We finished the exceptional meal with a rose and strawberry granita. It was a sophisticated take on one of Penang’s signature dishes, Iced Kacang. The cocoa jelly imparted a smooth crisp mouth feel while the different ices creams soothed the tongue. The flowers and gold leaf which decorated the dessert made it very regal. Knowing it was my guest’s birthday, the chef very kindly also provided a chocolate cake, more an exquisite mousse, for her to take home.

The wines at the Ferringhi Grill are, as one would expect, wide ranging and with prices to match but I am also happy to report that the house Australian red and white wine is also of very quality.

Fact File :
Ferringhi Grill @ Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa

Batu Feringgi Beach, 11100 Penang,Malaysia Tel: +604 888 8888 Fax: +604 881 1800
Business Hours:
Breakfast: 7am – 10.30am (Rasa Wing guests only) Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
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This article was written by Frances Wilks
Source: The Expat March 2012 
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