MM2H Programme Continues to Attract for Different Reasons

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The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme continues to attract a steady stream of new applicants. The programme has now been running for ten years and at the end of 2011 some 17,000 people have been approved for the visa.

Many of them choose relocate here. The ten year visa is unique as most similar programmes in other countries only offer a one or two year visa. Some applicants come from troubled countries and feel some degree of uncertainty about their future and like the idea of having the MM2H visa available should they need a place to relocate.

Others have jobs which involve extensive travel and set up Malaysia as a place to live and locate the family. A key attraction of Malaysia is the low cost of living combined with the well developed infrastructure.

For the last twenty years, the Malaysian Government has been dedicated to making the country a better place to live. Malaysia has made a massive investment in its infrastructure. Healthcare is no longer a problem as many hospitals have upgraded their facilities and new ones have opened.

Many private hospitals are internationally accredited. There has been a significant increase in the number of excellent international schools and Malaysia is seeing an increasing number of foreign students choosing to have their tertiary education in the country.

Kuala Lumpur is rapidly becoming a world class international city and many MM2Hers choose to locate in this city because of the wide range of facilities available. Others have chosen Penang because it is well established seaside city which has long been a popular holiday destination. The recent listing of George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site has increased its attraction as this has led to further development and renovation of the city’s many historic buildings.

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This article was written by Andy Davison ([email protected])
Source: The Expat January 2012
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