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Snappy Treats at the Croc Farm

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Whenever I’m in a mood to be healthy and give my heart the occasional workout it needs, I lace up my running shoes and head for the Subang Jaya Lake park, a mere five-minute drive away from my house.

Upon reaching the scenic lakefront, there is a sign that says “Crocodile Farm Seafood Restaurant” with an arrow pointing right. If you ask me, it’s a clever place to house an eatery because after all that exercise, it will definitely work up one’s appetite for a hearty meal.

Having brisk business for more than 15 years, this seafood sanctuary is set against a pretty view of the lake while the lush greenery which surrounds the vicinity makes it a relaxing place for a day or night out with family and friends.

As a resident and urbanite of Subang Jaya, I can safely say that the lake is the last-standing “green lung” in the congested, traffic-prone district of Selangor. Nevertheless, a seafood restaurant like Crocodile Farm, which exudes a modest and pleasant Malaysian charm, is a gastronomic oasis serving crabs, prawns, a diverse range of fish, lobsters and even abalone.

Don’t be confused by the name “Crocodile Farm” because the last thing you will find is in fact, well, one of those scary reptiles, unassumingly floating in the water while you’re wolfing down the delicious food. However, I have been told that the place used to serve crocodile meat. The lake is also where fishing enthusiasts come equipped with their tackle boxes and rods to enjoy a fruitful day of angling, beneath the picturesque evening sunset. Better yet, there is ample parking space. The regulars of Crocodile Farm swear on the good food and service provided there.

To start off, the Fried Scallop with Mango is highly recommended, or if you’re a spice freak like me, I would go for the Szechuan Jelly Fish. Both are refreshing appetizers to whet your taste buds. Also, a seafood extravaganza would not be complete without a good serving of crabs. Be it Baked Black
Pepper, BBQ Black Pepper or Fried Chilli Crab, they have most of the favourites on the menu. Other than a bib, you won’t need any sauce as the succulent crabs are cooked to perfection in their own special juices.

If you like fish, the big hits are the Deep Fried Sea Bass with Asam (tamarind) Sauce and the Sweet and Sour Grouper. They say it takes skill to cook fish to maintain the crispy outer layer and the firm, juicy flesh inside. Hats off to the chef at the Crocodile Farm! For those ambitious diners, the Sashimi Australia Lobster or Baked Lobster in Superior Soup is a must-try. These underwater treasures are of the highest quality and will satisfy even the most discerning patron. Other mouth-watering prawn dishes include the Fresh Water Prawns in Two Combinations or “Yin-Yang Style”, Baked Butter Sea Prawns, Fried Garlic Prawns, Fried Butter Prawns with Coconut and the Fried Garlic Prawns.


For land lovers, the menu also includes some delicious beef and chicken dishes and even ostrich meat as well as venison. I would go for the Fried Chicken with Mango, Sizzling Beef or Steamed Village Chicken with Chinese Herbs. Of course, all these dishes are excellent on their own but you can never go wrong with a serving of white rice or aromatic fried rice. A complimentary bottle of red wine is available with each set menu order.

You won’t have trouble finding The Crocodile Farm restaurant as it is nestled between Sheraton Subang Jaya and Holiday Villa in SS12.

Fact File :
Crocodile Farm Seafood Village

Taman Subang Ria, Subang Jaya,
47500, Selangor
Tel: 03.5635 1463/1613
Fax: 03.5636 3106

Business Hours: Open daily – Lunch is served from Noon to 3pm and dinner from 6pm to 11pm

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