Talent Corporation

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Talent Corporation, or TalentCorp, is an initiative within the Prime Minister’s Department that takes on the challenge of improving the talent pool available for the Malaysian jobs market. It aims to highlight shortages within key sectors and attract or retain the necessary talent, supporting the government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and helping raise the standards of the work force.

Working for Expatriates

A key area of focus for TalentCorp is attracting and retaining top foreign talent in Malaysia, to bring more variety and diversity to the local industries and the country’s talent pool.

TalentCorp have been involved in pushing for the new expatriate i-Pass, which serves as an identification card for all working foreigners and are issued to expats upon receiving their work permits as of October 2011.

They have also worked to create the Residence Pass, which is an immigration instrument offering a ten-year renewable pass for highly-qualified expatriates, allowing them to live and work in the country for various employers without having to re-apply for a work permit. The Residence Pass also extends to allowing the pass holder’s spouse to work in Malaysia and allows any dependents under the age of 18 or the visa holders’ parents or parents-in-law to be eligible for a 5-year Social Visit Pass.

Working for Malaysians

Various initiatives are in place to nurture the local talent in the country, which include:
• ‘upskilling’ programmes for local people
• Improving the public sponsorship scheme
• Improving university curriculum
• Providing networking opportunities for introducing new talent to critical industries
• Creating a working group to enable government agencies and industry to address talent requirements.

Projects that have already addressed some of these areas include:
• The FasTrack programme – a 12-month apprentice programme that provides graduates with hands-on experience in host companies after they have completed their study
• Structured Internship Programme – working with the Ministry of Higher Education to provide opportunities for students still studying to obtain internships

Working for Malaysians Abroad


TalentCorp also work towards attracting Malaysians abroad to return to the country with their skills to help boost the local economy and industry. The programmes set up to this end are:
• Returning Expert Programme – offering incentives to returning Malaysians
• Scholarship Talent Attraction and Retention – allowing Public Service Department scholars to complete their scholarship bond in the private sector
• Talent Acceleration in Public Service – a 2-year development training programme for selected Public Service Department scholars
• Career Fair Incentive – encouraging local companies to advertise at career fairs abroad

Learn more about TalentCorp here.

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