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When Calvin first sent me some photos of his paintings, I knew he had to be on our Expat cover. He is another example of a highly talented and skilled artist coming out of a small, rural village and getting a Diploma in Art in the big city of KL, then going on to great international success.

I love the effects his water colour combination portrays, especially the exceptionally well drawn faces of his subjects. You can tell he has a deep connection to the local Malaysians he paints and it is that personal connection is what makes his paintings poignant, compelling and beautiful. One feels as if they were too taking part in the activities and the play.

Calvin would like as many of you as possible to enjoy his work so he is offering his lowest rates for purchase. If you have an Expat Membership card, you may deduct a full 10% off. Please call me on 017-654-4858 or email me at [email protected] to set up a meeting with Calvin or for more information.

“I grew up in a quaint village in Alor Setar, a town in the state of Kedah. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting from a young age. Growing up in northern Malaysia, my early works featured mostly village scenes and my childhood friends. My friends and I would go fishing by the river after school, or hop onto our bicycles and make our way to the nearby orchards during the fruit season. Other times when I was alone, I would pick up a brush, and start painting these scenes – making my very own visual records of those days. Until today, the depiction of rural life remains the central theme of my art pieces. I treasure the close ties between man and nature in our daily lives, and I enjoy expressing this symbiotic relationship in an artistic form.

Painting subjects that I hold close to my heart gives me a tinge of nostalgia; old but gold. Urban development today has made these sights and sounds rare, and I wish that through my art works, I would be able to spark a change and heighten awareness among people. Our world is changing, and it is our duty to conserve and preserve what is left of Mother Nature.

They say a picture paints a thousand words; I think paintings do more than that. Every stroke of the brush is a message from the artist’s heart to the viewer. The only limitation is one’s imagination. A free mind and a vibrant play of colours could weave together a vivid tapestry of memories – making them art. – Calvin Chua”

This article was written by Marybeth Ramey ([email protected])
Source: The Expat February 2012 
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