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Tan Gaik Hoon, a graduate of KL College of Art with a Diploma in Fine Art, has been one of my favourite artists ever since moving to Malaysia in 1998. It is her ability to paint while her subjects are supposedly in movement that is indicative of her talent. But what strikes me the most about her paintings and most likely you too, is the richly layered and textured stories she manages to tell through her artful and sophisticated use of acrylics while threading throughout each painting some really spectacular colours.

Gaik Hoon’s attention to detail is exceedingly intricate and she will frequently “hide” small objects in her paintings like kittens or birds. Her paintings are a superbly genuine visual feast and give the appearance of movement even when stationary or even just hanging on a wall.

The more you look at her work, the more you notice you are conjuring up sweet nostalgic whiffs of an epoch of yesteryear. And you can certainly see and appreciate the depth and level of skill involved as well as the complete command the artist has over her original and highly structured compositions.

Gaik Hoon loves to go into the rural kampongs to observe the interaction of the women, her usual subjects, and how they work, play and care for their families. It is a simple, rustic life that is full of richly lush beauty and Gaik Hoon displays the ability to highlight the essence of the historic Nyonya and their unique lifestyle. Her mastery of her craft is obvious. Her uncanny ability to capture people in mid motion or as they speak among themselves results in viewers feeling as if they are in the same paintings and participating too.

Gaik Hoon is collected in several countries such as Australia, France, Holland, USA, Singapore and Sweden and of course Malaysia. The value of her paintings continues to rise since her graduation in 1991 so besides being transplanted to another time and place, you can also enjoy the excellent investment you have made.

If you are an expat soon to leave Malaysia, these paintings evoke and encapsulate a genuine Malaysian snapshot of a culture integral to history of the country and can serve as a wonderful tangible memory of the time you have spent here. She has generously agreed to put very low prices on them to make them more affordable to most expats.

If you are interested in viewing any of these paintings for purchase, please call me direct at 017-654-4858 or email me at [email protected]

Name Tan Gaik Hoon ( HOON )
Education Diploma in Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur College of Art ( 1991-1994 )
Occupation Full-time Artist, Art Teacher ( 1992 – 2009 )



    1993 Rural Malaysia, Shah Alam Gallery
    1994 Graduated Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur College of Art Pemandangan Malaysia, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur
    1995 Participated in Pertandingan Lukisan Sempena Perayaan Hari Kebangsaan Peringkat Negeri Sabah
    1997-2004 Pameran Terbuka, Shah Alam Art Gallery
    1999 Opening Show, Art Deco, KLCC Secretary Day Show, Gallery Metro Art, Regent Hotel
    2001 Beauty From The Heart, Hotel Nikko Life Before Now Artalk Bangsar
    2004 Aidea Gallery Two Artist Show, Ampang, Malaysia Sentiment Art Exhibition, One Utama Shopping Complex The 22nd Korea New Art Festival, Seoul Korea
    2005 National Day Art Exhibition, One Utama Shopping Complex
    2006 International Women’s Day Art Exhibition 2006, City Art Gallery The Federated Teochew Associations of Malaysia Art Show, UE3 Shopping complex Malaysia Watercolour 2006 KL, MWO members. N&N Gallery Enchanting Colourful” MWO members, National Art Gallery Reminiscence of the Cherished Homeland, Wisma Kebudayaan SGM, Jalan Bukit Bintang
    2007 National Day Art Exhibition, City Art Gallery 1st International Art Expo Malaysia 2007, City Art Gallery
    2008 Malaysian Watercolour Society, MWS 08 Annual, N & N Gallery International Comtemporary Art Fair 2008, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
    2009 31 Local Artists Group Exhibition, Art Salon@Seni MWS 09 Annual, N&N Gallery Nyonya Series (1st Solo Art Exhibition), Aidea Art Gallery 1 Malaysia, National Day Art Exhibition, City Art Gallery
    2010 National Day Exhibition, City Art Art Auction – Charity Auction, TEG (The Expat Group), Alice Smith School, Seri Kembangan
    2011 Hainan Group Exhibition, Hainan, China

Member of Malaysian Watercolour Organization (MWS)
Life Member of National Art Gallery

Source: The Expat January 2012 
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