A Trusted Name in the World of Frames

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In the world ofF fine art framing, the name PINKGUY is synonymous with quality. WinSon Loh, the man who created and built the PINKGUY brand, has 28 years of solid experience in the frame-making industry and is highly sought after for his unique, protective and overall fantastic frames.

The name PINKGUY is a clever variation on “bingkai”, the Malay word for “frame”. And over the years, WinSon has established his framing business to the extent that when fine art galleries and collectors – public and private – think of framing their invaluable works, they think of the name PINKGUY and invariably come to WinSon’s gallery in Marc Services Residence in Kuala Lumpur for custom framing solutions and services.

Frame shops abound in and around Kuala Lumpur, so one might ask: what distinguishes PINKGUY from the rest? There are several key factors which differentiate the products and services of PINKGUY from the competition.

Firstly, PINKGUY specializes in fine art conservation framing, involving the use of museum grade materials and special techniques to prevent artworks from degrading. “Our philosophy is to create safe and protective frames to preserve and accentuate your masterpieces. The results are not just visually captivating but will extend the lifespan and enhance the value of your collection,” says WinSon.

Interestingly, conservation framing – although more expensive than normal framing – will save collectors money in the long run as it will prevent costly repairs in the future. “We tell our customers that it is important to do conservation to avoid restoration. It’s always three times more expensive to do restoration work than it is to get their artworks. The function of a frame, besides being visually appealing itself, is to protect and preserve the artwork,” comments WinSon.

Of course, PINKGUY utilizes only the finest materials (all of his frames are made of wood because it is “natural” and “long lasting”) and workmanship, ensuring the longevity of the frame as well as the artwork.

Another key distinguishing factor is PINKGUY’s designs which all bear his signature style and techniques. “Customers come to me to get their precious fine artworks framed, but also because my frames themselves are works of art,” WinSon says.

When selecting a suitable frame style and design, WinSon considers not only the artwork itself, but also the environment in which the artwork will be placed. He consults with his customers first, and then recommends a frame which will bring out the best in their artwork.

PINKGUY’s frames are all instantly recognizable, as they all are made with top quality materials and methods and all have PINKGUY’s trademark diamonds on the sides.

WinSon is perpetually innovating, and incorporating new ideas into his framing techniques in areas such as mounting, glazing, backing and installation.


A trusted name in the world of frames, WinSon Loh of PINKGUY has built his brand and reputation over the past 28 years by providing excellent products and services. Make an appointment and visit his gallery in Marc Services Residence in Kuala Lumpur for all of your fine art framing needs.

A-G-02, Ground Floor,
Marc Services Residence,
Jalan Pinang, 50450 KL
Tel: 03.2166 2166

Source: The Expat October 2011 
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