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Along trendy Jalan Mesui, tucked away between No Black Tie and Pallette Palete is the kitschy furniture shop called PIECES. Despite opening just this year, it has already become a favourite among homeowners and art fans. This is because the Pieces you find in PIECES are truly one of a kind and unavailable elsewhere. The people behind this furniture shop obtain fabric from near and far and refurbish old furniture and make the old look new. You will find things as outlandish as old British school chairs that have been rescued and given a makeover. Many of the Pieces are recycled items such as old wood and metal, painted over and decorated with a personal touch. Candle-holders, notebooks, lamps and other small knick-knacks are also displayed attractively around the shop. The shop, in fact, was an old run-down place that received a similar makeover to the furniture and it turned out to be an extremely cozy space with the brick wall left exposed and cement tiles, which have attracted local artists to display their creations here.

Pieces prides itself in keeping things local and Malaysian, as well as opposing anything mass-produced, or made in China. Of course that also means that the customized Pieces sell very quickly, so if you see something you like don’t hesitate to buy it because it could be gone on your second visit. True enough, there were many Pieces there that were already booked by regular customers and considered sold. Many foreigners wander in as the location is almost in the heart of Changkat, a very popular tourist area and fall in love with the furniture, some even taking pains to getting it shipped overseas. PIECES has also become a favourite for some eating establishments such as Wondermilk and Bachi; all their furniture was exclusively PIECES.

Customers are not obliged to buy anything, simply taking a walk is like being in an art gallery, an experience by itself. Do walk in and browse but don’t be surprised if you walk out with a piece from PIECES.

PIECES – a boutique furniture Co.
No. 15, Off Jalan Nagasari, 50200,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Saturdaysfrom 12pm-6pm (most days)
Tel: 016.977 4547 / 03.2110 0299

Source: The Expat December 2011
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