Introducing the most prestigious Tailor in Malaysia

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Founder, Managing Director and hands on Manager, Mr. Robert Loh declares, “The achievements that I am most proud of are winning the Product Branding Retail Category- Premier Custom Made Apparel 2010 and seeing my tailor made garments being worn by top international celebrities and figures.”

The Brand Laureate of Malaysia recently awarded Mr Loh this most prestigious award, beating out many other top contenders.

For those expats who are new to Malaysia and particularly to greater KL, Lord’s Tailor was established in the mid 1970’s and quickly rose to international fame and acclaim. After making suits for Muhammad Ali and his entourage in the mid 1970’s, Lord’s Tailor’s success was guaranteed. By 1987 even the former PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir, was getting his striking clothes made by Lord’s after having tried 3 previous tailors and has remained with him over 25 years.

The essence of the Lord’s Tailor brand is unremitting quality. This is demonstrated by their meticulous attention to the fabrics, enhancing the durability of the garment, cutting to flatter the person’s figure and to enhance the client’s physique with the clothing. Robert Loh’s skillfully approaches each fabric in a scientific manner and uses his extensive knowledge of physics and engineering to accurately cut the cloth to the individual he is working on thus being able to keep the material proportionally flattering to the entire body no matter the shape. Wearing his flawlessly cut garments gives all types of his customers the confidence to feel and look their best as they are aware that any unsightly areas are very cleverly camouflaged.

Unique is the most appropriate word to best describe the brand of Lord’s Tailor. From world famous singers such as Siti Nurhaliza, internationally famous designers like Jimmy Choo, actors like Mel Gibson, global personalities like Chef Wan and other crème of the crop celebrities, Robert Loh has been dressing them all since 1974.

As Jimmy Choo puts it, “Lord’s suits fit me better than any London High-street tailor.” This is the simple secret of Lord’s Tailor longevity of success. Their business card is their quality, creativity, richness of fabrics, exquisiteness of the cut and the talent selecting the colours. They are unique in many aspects particularly their diverse loyal clientele as well as the minute attention to detail internalized in every step of the process.

Many expats have had Mr Loh create and make their wedding suits and tuxedos and have been very impressed and satisfied.

There is no better Holiday gift to give your special ones than some custom made apparel by the very best. Do drop by at either of their locations and treat yourself to the very best in custom made apparel in Malaysia.

This article was written by Marybeth Ramey ([email protected])
Source: The Expat December 2011 

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