Sri Garden Empowered To Be An All-Round Achiever

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As part of the Taylor’s Education Group, Sri Garden International (SGI) follows a British-based curriculum leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (IGCSE).

SGI adopted a more holistic approach to the education their students receive. It believes in strengthening students’ values and nurturing their minds to prepare them for a lifetime of success.

The curriculum offers a balanced and holistic educational experience by focusing on the Six Dimensions – six key areas of development for the students – covering Social, Cultural, Economic, Politic, Technological and Learning domains. SGI’s mission is to ensure students become versatile lifelong learners; who are balanced and active global citizens, who are dynamic and inspirational leaders and, who are focused and analytical achievers that can contribute positively to the regional and global community.

“Our programme gives equal emphasis to academic excellence, character building as well as physical health and development and engages the students through the Six Dimensions in the application of their knowledge and skills” said Sri Garden International’s principal, Peter Wells At SGI, the teachers are exposed to extensive professional development programmes, with particular success using the Quantum Learning programme from the United States, which emphasises the power of brain-centred learning and research into the way children learn best. The teachers use interactive teaching methods, such as visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learning and combine it with the power of ICT, to make classroom activities exciting for students.

In addition to learning English as a first language, all students learn Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, which is different from many other international schools. With this, a solid foundation will be formed in the three key languages used in Malaysia.

At the same time, Sri Garden International believes that it is important that a child knows what their “box” is. By this, they firmly believe that each child should be exposed to good character traits.

The school has produced a STARFISH programme that celebrates the exhibition of good character amongst students. Respect and caring, tolerance, integrity, excellence, passion and openness in communication are all part of the day-today life at the school. Together with this grounding in good Asian values, students will then learn the best from both worlds and truly prepare them to become the global leaders in the 21st century.

Sri Garden International welcomes all to visit the school during the Open Week from 19 to 23 September (Monday to Friday) from 9am to 3pm. For more information, contact 03.9286 2668 or visit

Source: The Expat September 2011 
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