Lord's Tailor Wins Prestigious International Award

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Brand Laureate is a global publication that focuses on branding and the top brands in business. In Malaysia, their board of governors is the crème de la crème of society with Prime Ministers, top philanthropists and business leaders fulfilling its mission of reinforcing the importance of brands.

Tun Mahathir (former Prime Minister), Robert Loh, Dr KK Johan (President, The Brandlaureate) Every year they announce their selection of awards to the top brands in Malaysia. Lord’s Tailor won Product Branding category RETAIL – Premium Custom Made Apparel 2010.

Synonymous with classic, bespoke tailoring, discerning customers of Lord’s Tailor have come to expect excellence and unsurpassed quality. Unsurprisingly, these are attributes that master tailor Robert Loh and his team of experienced cutters regard as second nature. After all, he has almost four decades of experience laying the finest threads on not just leading figures in Malaysia as well as the expat community, but the world over. Be it heads of government, celebrities, sportsmen or uber socialites, Lord’s Tailor has measured, cut and fitted them all.

At Lord’s Tailor rendering the personal touch is the corner stone in their commitment to customer service. Working with only the highest quality range of fabrics, in-house experts trained by Robert Loh himself effectively combine cutting, craftsmanship and style in a way that brings out the best of the wearer.

Dedicated to producing the .nest handmade apparels, the brand continues to live up to the vision of its founder. Lord’s Tailor continues to expand on this legacy to offer suits of unparallel class for those who appreciate contemporary style and believe in setting themselves apart. It’s no wonder that Lord’s Tailor continues to set the benchmark, not just a style leader but as the leading exponent of the cut.

Source: The Expat May 2011 
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