Modern Primitive's Earthy Furniture

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Even from a distance the light, earthy colours and organic designs of Modern Primitive’s showroom delight the eye. Then, you touch the polished vines to push the doors open and another sense combats with sight.

The warm woods, weaves, inlays of coconut shell and terrazo, speckled or pebbled tabletops draw your hand as much as your eyes, and it is impossible not to reach out.

Managing Director Zaireen Acosta explains that the furnishings here reflect her husband Giorgio’s love affair with wood. “He can talk all day about finishings and the ageing process.” Giorgio and Zaireen like working with the Italian designer Carlo Pessina. “because he likes working with natural materials.” The pieces they sell are eco-friendly both because many of them are made from environmentally-friendly or recycled material (including some beautiful door and window panels from the Toraja of Sulawesi) and because these are pieces that will last forever.

Like the door panels, natural wood “sculptures” or pieces made from huge slabs of solid wood, some of what Modern Primitive sells is unique. However, Zaireen says, showing me some sample materials and finishing, “we do a fair bit of customising as well.”

In reality they do a fair bit of many things, as they have done since they opened their first showroom in Solaris – now moved to this larger, more open location on the third floor of BSC. From working with their designer to sourcing materials and artesans to working closely with clients decide how to make their unique designs fit in with existing décor, the Acostas build relationships that, like their furniture, are solid, long-lasting, personal and cherished.

Source: The Expat April 2011 
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