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Songket- A Taste of Malaysian Food and Culture

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Songket an authentic Malaysian restaurant located in downtown KL, was my lunchtime indulgence one afternoon. After entering the traditional Malay style house interior, I was warmly greeted by the staff and the delectable smells of Malaysian cuisine.

I was seated indoors though I also had the choice to sit outside. The tables were covered with songket – handwoven silk, intricately pattered with gold thread. Songket is an important part of Malaysian culture and the inspiration for this restaurant.

To my delightful surprise, I found before me a bar, stocked with a generous selection of mainstream wines, liqueurs and cocktails. A rare find in restaurants serving just Malaysian cuisine. I began my tasting with a rich selection of starters. The traditional otak-otak grilled to perfection was flavourful and piquant, made with freshly blended spices. This was followed by Pegedil, a malay dish with mashed potatoes shaped into patties and accompanied by homemade fragrant chili sauce. A must try! Seafood addicts like myself will love Pindang soup which has a lightly spiced, tangy seafood broth.

Then the rich selection of main courses finally arrived. Pucuk Paku Goreng comprised ferntop vegetables with a unique coconut aroma. Ikan Siakap Masam Manis, seabass drenched in aromatic sweet and sour, tumerik and kaffir lime leaf sauce, is a house speciality. The Rusuk panggang – chargrilled marinated short ribs – were perfectly tender and moist. My favourite was the zesty Ayam Lemak Assam Gelugur, pieces of chicken simmered in a spicy, sour gravy. These flavorful dishes were accompanied by Pandan flavoured rice.

To finish off, I indulged in some traditional Malaysian desserts. I tried the Pandan Pudding and Sagu Gula Melaka, which were both coated with delicious melted sugar cane, and Durian Tiramisu. To quench my thirst I chose the soursop ice blended, a house special. Not usually a fan of soursop, this cold, refreshing glass full was nectar to my lips. Dinner guests will get the chance to enjoy some traditional Malaysian cultural dances (from Monday to Saturday).

To get a taste of Malaysian food and Malaysian culture, come to Songket in downtown KL.

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This article was written by Sonya Davison
Source: The Expat July 2011
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