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I visit Today’s Dental Clinic in Sri Hartamas for my six month checkups. Owner and Medical Director, Dr. Ta Bun Chia, reminds me of my dentist back in Boston as does his highly attentive staff. I’ve been to several different dentists since I arrived in 1998 and must say I recommend them to expats for their great variety of services.

For one thing, he is extremely gentle and ultra cautious once working inside your mouth. I’d informed him when I first met him of how sensitive my teeth and gums were. Instead of trying to deny I might indeed feel more nerve pain than others, he instead was sympathetic.

Every six months he gets out my last full x-ray and puts it in front of us while painstakingly going over each tooth and gum- looking for bone loss, new stains, beginnings of a cavity or my current concern- teeth movement as usually happens to people in later middle age. While he works, I question him about what I’ve read since our last meeting and he gives carefully considered and thoughtful replies. For example, I have read about mercury in silver fillings of which I have four. Dr Chia explained that the mercury is only dangerous if it is breeched. But he does highly recommend that they all be replaced by “composite” fillings which his clinic offers.

He found traces of a cavity forming under my last molar which we both agreed should be filled. I like the mutual respect at Today’s Dental and it gives me confidence during the next six months that all is in order with something so vital to overall health as our teeth and gums are.

Today’s Dental provides a full selection of dental treatments that include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, braces, an inclusive range of gum treatments, nerve (root canal) treatment and oral surgery. They also do top notch crowns and implants which keep their patients coming back time and again. Many expats don’t have insurance so please know that their prices are amazingly reasonable.

Today’s Dental is located right at the beginning when you turn into Plaza Damas. It is spread over two floors with the first class treatment rooms and high tech equipment throughout. There is a genuine dedication to upholding rigid sanitation levels including a policy of minimalist use of x-rays.


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