World-Class Care at the Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre

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The Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) is a comprehensive, one-stop hospital for sports-related injuries. This spacious, world-class facility, located in Wisma Perintis in Damansara Heights, was founded in 2005 by a group of five established orthopaedic doctors and one radiologist who had been practising together and had set up a physiotherapy unit at Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. They decided to set up KLSMC to create a hospital specifically dedicated to treating musculoskeletal injuries and issues – specializing in conditions of the shoulder, knee, hand, foot, hip and spine.

An expansive and high-tech facility, KLSMC provides doctors with the space and amenities they need to ensure the highest level of patient care. Having all of the doctors and physical therapists in one location enables patients at KLSMC to be treated efficiently and effectively.

“Patients want comprehensive care with a personal touch,” commented Dr. Ranjit Singh Gill, Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Micro Surgeon, “At KLSMC, surgeons and doctors and physical therapists, as well as supporting staff such as nurses, all work in tandem to come up with a personalized, integrated plan for each and every patient. We work as a team here.”

Dr. Edmund Ong Thiam Lock, Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, echoed this sentiment, “At KLSMC, we use a team-based approach to help patients with sports injuries to get back on their feet. We concentrate on the patients’ needs and work together. There is great synergy among the doctors and other staff at KLSMC, and because KLSMC is owned and operated by doctors – as opposed to businessmen – we are able to make decisions with the patients’ best interests in mind.”

In addition to their work at KLSMC, the doctors maintain practices at various premier private medical centres in Kuala Lumpur, provide orthopedic consultation to sports associations and conduct postgraduate training programmes and cutting-edge research in areas such as stem cell therapy.

KLSMC offers a full range of services including orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy, MRI imaging and hydrotherapy. Each doctor concentrates on a specific chosen area of interest, whether it be knee, shoulder, hand, spine or foot and ankle, and visiting specialists also offer expertise in various areas. “We specialize in every aspect of sports medicine, and orthopaedics in general,” Dr. Ranjit said.

Occupying multiple floors of Wisma Perintis, KLSMC is a state-of-the-art hospital which provides a conducive environment for consultation and treatment including post-operative care and outpatient follow-up and offers amenities such as a hydrotherapy pool and surgery centre as well as the latest technology in orthopaedic imaging and medicine. “There are not many facilities like ours in this part of the world for sports medicine,” Dr. Ranjit added. Many expats and health tourists come to KLSMC to treat their sports-related injuries, and foreigners comprise 20% of the hospital’s patient base.

“KLSMC is synonymous with quality,” remarked Dr. Edmund. With this in mind, there are plans afoot to build and expand the brand by setting up KLSMC centres regionally.

With its emphasis on comprehensive, patient-centred care, KLSMC is rapidly establishing itself as a global leader in sports medicine and orthopaedics.

Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre
7th Floor, Wisma Perintis,
47 Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights,
50490, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 03.2096 1033
Outpatient Clinic Hours
Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)
Saturday (9am to 1pm)


Source: The Expat June 2011
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