Marq Optic- Smart Glasses in The Gardens

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Although The Gardens in Midvalley already had two optical shops, the management at this upscale shopping centre had no difficulty in seeing that Marq Optic was something different.

“The brands we carry here are not carried anywhere else in Malaysia,” says Amina Saito, Marq Optical’s commercial director. These are mostly Japanese brands which are rarely exported because the manufacturers wish to keep the brand exclusive.

Marq also carries French brands (“Made more for European features,” says Amina) as well as American and Danish ones which manufacture their eyewear in Japan to maintain that peerless quality.

Quality, durability and workmanship may all be impressive, but in the end it is fashion that steals the show. One series has a complex-looking, yet cleverly chic system of springs hinging the temples to the end pieces. “these are very popular with men,” says Amina. “they like the mechanics of it.”

A very attractive brand of frames for women remind me of carnival masks, but yet again with surprisingly understated elegance. Marq even has its own designs , one of which has lacquer ware frames with a dragon painted on in gold dust. These were among the many pairs sold on the first day Marq opened.

Amina’s partner in Marq is her husband, Masato Nakane, who has been an optical specialist for 12 years. Between his technical expertise and Amina’s flawless taste and extensive knowledge of her products, a visit to Marq will have you seeing – and being seen – in a whole new way.

Lot F-238 First Floor, The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City Lingkaran
Syed Putra 59200, KL.

Source: The Expat January 2011 
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