Taylor's Graduates Enter World Class Universities

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Pre-university studies are one of the most important stages in a student’s education. With the flexibility to select from a wide variety of subject combinations, pre-university students have the privilege of keeping their options open and decide later on which tertiary path they want to embark on. From science to maths and even to theatre studies, pre-university allows you explore your areas of interest and develop your talents.

Taylor’s College offers four internationally recognised pre-university (Pre-U) programmes at its two campuses in Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas. The college is often commended for the academic excellence, well-rounded and ambitious students as well as successful university placements to top-ranking universities.

The four Pre-U programmes offered by Taylor’s College are the Cambridge A Levels (CAL), Canadian Pre-University (CPU), International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and South Australian Matriculation (SAM).

The Cambridge A Level results for June 2010 showed an exceptional 99.7% pass rate – an increase from last year’s 99.6% and 99.5% in 2008. In fact, 192 students (27.7%) achieved 4As and above while eight students gained entry into some of the most prestigious universities around the world, namely Wharton Business School (1), the University of Cambridge (4), Columbia University, New York (1) and The University of Hong Kong (2).

Mr Lim Tou Boon, President of Taylor’s College, said in his congratulatory speech, “This year’s awesome CAL results show that 2 out of 5 of our Cambridge A Level graduates have achieved at least 3As, enabling them entry into top-ranking universities. Congratulations top achievers, you have joined the ranks of more than 3,000 Taylor’s Pre-U students from our Cambridge A Level, South Australian Matriculation and Canadian Pre-University programmes who were accepted into the world’s top 200 universities in the past 3 years.”

Earlier this year, the SAM Class of 2009 set an all new record for Taylor’s College, scoring a total of 1936 As and a pass rate of 98.2%. Of the total number of students sitting for the examination, 167 students (13.8%) scored straight As. Top SAM students are ranked competitively against students sitting for the same examination worldwide. An impressive 27 students from Taylor’s are ranked amongst the world’s top 1%, followed by 238 students in the world’s top 5%, 433 students in the world’s top 10% and 758 students in the world’s top 20%.

The results of the Canadian Pre-University programme are no less impressive. The pass rate of the recent June 2010 examination are 97% for all 6 subjects and a total of 177 students (68%) obtained the Ontario Merit Certificate Award for obtaining a score of 80% average in all 6 subjects. Moreover, over 45% of the students have since been placed in the world’s top 200 universities in countries like Canada, Australia and the UK.

This excellent track record proves that Taylor’s Pre-U students are excellent academically and have a competitive edge above the rest – many of them gain entry and win scholarships into demanding degree programmes at top-ranking universities worldwide.

Lim Tse Wei, who scored 5As in CAL and is currently reading Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science, attributed his success to his teachers. “My teachers provided ample and timely support, so did my peers. Fortunately, their support extended beyond just academic help and they did their best to understand and encourage my extra-curricular activities (ECA) as well.”

CPU’s 2009 valedictorian, Sarah bt Haris Moi shared, “Learning in CPU was highly interactive, with unique and interesting assignments that explored our creativity and enhance our thinking skills. I believe CPU’s wholesome methodology has prepared me well for university!”


Taylor’s Pre-U programmes adopt a student-centred teaching and learning approach to draw the best out of each student. The Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities (TGC) is incorporated into the curriculum of every Taylor’s Pre-U programme.

Through TGC, students are equipped with the ability to strive for better academic results, apply knowledge learned, trained to communicate effectively and groomed with performance-based skills.

When it comes time to apply for universities, the Taylor’s Placement Centre fully supports students with the process – from counselling to pre-departure orientation.

“I believe that the success of our students is largely due to our commitment to provide a holistic teaching and learning environment at our campuses,” said Mr. Anandakumaresh Ratnasingam, Principal, School of Pre-University Studies, Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas.

Enrolment forthe 2011 intakes (January and March) are open for Taylor’s Pre-U programmes.For more information, please contact 03-5636 2641 (Subang Jaya), 03-6203 0168 (Sri Hartamas) or email [email protected]

Source: The Expat January 2011
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